Entertainment – Free Slots Fever app and more

Entertainment – Free Slots Fever app and more

3 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained This Winter Season

Winter is upon us, meaning there will be days when you’re stuck indoors because of the flu, or because of horrible weather. Cabin fever is difficult and hard to deal with, but never fear! I’m here to tell you 3 Ways to Keep Entertained This Season:

1. Channel Your Inner Online Gamer- I recently discovered this new Facebook app called Free Slots Fever app and I instantly became addicted to it! As someone who loves to go to the Hard Rock Casino when I’m in FL or to the Borgota when I’m visiting family in Atlantic City, this game is right up my alley! The sounds and colors of this game make you feel like you’re actually at a casino enjoying yourself instead of at home in front of your computer!
2. Keep Yourself Busy Indoors- When you’re stuck in the house this winter season, make the most of that time by getting your house organized and in order. Use that time off to clean up that closet or to finish that project you started months ago!
3. The TV is Your Friend- Normally I try to encourage people to get from in front of their television and go outside and be productive, but being sick or snowed in is the perfect excuse to sit in front of your television and veg out! Catch up on all those seasons of Bad Girls Club that you DVR’d or try watching a show you wouldn’t normally try to get into. I recently discovered how much I actually enjoy watching those nature shows on the National Geographic Channel. Watching something new on TV encourages you to expand your horizons and gives you something new to talk about when you’re finally able to leave the house!

I hope these three tips help with battling the indoor doldrums! What do you do to keep from being bored when you’re snowed in or sick?

The Newest Addition to the MartaCard Family – Danasia Fantastic

Danasia Fantastic

Hello MartaCard Report Readers!

My name is Danasia Fantastic and I am the newest member of the MartaCard Report Family! Each week I will be bringing you the latest entertainment news and celebrity gossip! I’m so excited to be involved with www.martacard.com and I look forward to connecting with you all!