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Archive for March 9, 2017

International Special – Foreign (Official Video)

Who is International Special? I found this hot music video by clicking on the wrong link trying to find another artist video. The visual was decent so I decided to give him a quick listen. I ended up watching the entire video. Hip hop legend Busta Rhymes appeared in this joint for a quick cameo which solidified the deal. Check out this new jam by International Special called Foreign and support good music.

New Artist Alert – Demo “If I could Fly” [Merciless Muzik]

Check out this new artist alert by Demo called “If I Could Fly”. This sensual ballad blends modern R&B, smooth jazz and 80’s soft rock. “If I Could Fly” is the debut single from the upcoming album titled SoulShowMedia.

Mo3 “What She Said” directed by Cornelius Beatz

I was browsing around YouTube and somehow I stumbled across a very talented hip hop artist that goes by the name Mo3. His new joint called “What She Said” directed by Cornelius Beatz is one of the dopest videos I’ve viewed in a long time. The idea, concept, and music is dope. I truly believe Mo3 is next to blow in hip hop. Check out this video and don’t hesitate to drop a comment below.

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