T.I. Speaks on Police Brutality, Colin Kaepernick, Shawty Lo

T.I. Speaks on Police Brutality, Colin Kaepernick, Shawty Lo

T.I. called in Nessa’s show on Hot 107 to talk his new video Warzone, his new EP, racism, police brutality, Colin Kapernick‘s protest and Shawty Lo‘s passing.

Shawty Lo – L2MF – Tribute to Carlos Walker

As we all know by now, Atlanta hip hop recording artist Shawty Lo died yesterday in a single car accident after leaving the Blue Flame Lounge adult entertainment club. Sadly, last week Shawty Lo buried his father whom lost a battle with cancer. This new joint called “L2MF” was a new release in tribute to him.

R.I.P. Shawty Lo – Rapper killed by hit and run driver|Dunn, Dunn

Atlanta rap legend and CEO of D4L Records Shawty Lo was killed this morning in a fatal hit and run accident.

According to 11alive.com “Carlos Walker’s (Shawty Lo) vehicle was struck by another vehicle while on I-285 southbound at Cascade Road. Walker’s car hit two trees before catching on fire. Authorities say¬†one person died after being ejected, and two others were transported to the hospital.” On behalf of the Martacard Report family, we give our deepest condolences to the Walker family. R.I.P. Shawty Lo!

P Diddy intoxicated and high wearing a wig and woman blouse|Thevoice4dappl

Is it cool for a straight guy to pretend that he’s gay, or are so called straight guys coming out the closet now? Those are questions you may ask after seeing this video of hip hop music mogul Sean “P Diddy” Combs dressed in what appears to be a woman’s blouse and a wig. He is definately intoxicated in this video with bottles of wine sitting on ice.

P Diddy Late Nights is probably the title of this podcast and he spent a few minutes Facetiming with a male friend/producer and the whole scenery appears to be suspect if you ask me. It will be very interesting to see what Diddy’s arch enemy 50 Cent will have to say about this.

Lil Wayne: God knows I’ve been blessed…but I’ve never dealt with racism | UNDISPUTED

Lil Wayne: “God knows I’ve been blessed…but I’ve never dealt with racism”. I have a lot of respect for Lil Wayne after listening to this interview. Why, because he can only speak on his own personal experiences in life. Quite a few blacks are going to criticize Wayne after watching this interview with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, but I kinda understand him. Me personally, I’ve experienced racism a few times in life, most of them were a few years ago I must admit. However, I do understand that racism still exist. It seems that the younger generation are embracing each other much better than we did growing up in the 80’s.

New Artist Alert – King K’so “The Truth” ft. ESUN99, Mary Jane [Official Video]

Martacard.com presents new 2016 hip hop recording artist King K’so “The Truth” featuring ESUN99, Mary Jane, and produced by JK808. The video was shot and directed by EdEx (MG Films). This song is from King K’so upcoming mixtape “The Life Of King K’so” coming soon.

This video was shot on Washington Rd East Point, Ga in Victory Place Apartments. Shout out to all the folks that came out and supported the event. Follow us on Twitter ESUN99, Martacardreport Instagram ESUN99, Good_Money_Made

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