Video of Malia Obama smoking weed goes viral

Today’s discussion is about Malia Obama. Why is it such a big problem for her to live a normal life as a teenager? She wasn’t committing a crime or being destructive or anything. She was just enjoying herself at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago with a few of her friends. Unfortunately a video of Malia smoking weed went viral and everybody and their grandma are making fun of her on social media. Damn let that girl enjoy her life! Whether she’s the president’s daughter or not, everyone makes mistakes. Barack Obama is from the hood, I’m sure he and Michelle have more than enough experience on raising and disciplining an African American teenage girl. So with that being said, I think people should mind there own damn business! What’s your opinion?

By Pooh

2 thoughts on “Video of Malia Obama smoking weed goes viral

  1. Although I am a believer that Marijuana should not be illegal, it is in so many ways good for you. It had been proven less harmful than any controlled substance as they say, and has so many other uses, I am some what disappointed that she was photographed allegedly smoking it. It could have been a cigarette, heck a beer, and I’d feel the same way. She is the daughter of not only the POTUS, but the first black one at that. There is an image that must be maintained, and I know that she did not ask for this life but, it is what it is. She has a right to live, enjoy herself, and all. Yet, any ammunition they can use against your family is bad. I do not ask her not to smoke, I just ask that you be more careful. Big brother is everywhere.

    • I agree with you Cal, she does have a reputation to uphold for her father’s sake. Even-though I don’t have a problem with people using marijuana for recreational purposes, I would be disappointed if my teenage kids decided to use it while under my guidance.

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