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CeeLo Green Spills the Truth: Andre 3000 vs Drake + Dungeon Family Reunion Show

Check out this dope interview with Atlanta’s own CeeLo Green on Sway’s Universe. CeeLo talks about his upcoming music projects, his situation with Sony Music, and the Dungeon Family reunion. He also talked about Andre 3000‘s verse on “Solo” and confirms that 3 Stacks wasn’t dissing Drake, the verse was actually written two years ago.

New Video Alert – Chris Brown “Grass Ain’t Greener (Edited)

Check out this new video alert hot off the press by Chris Brown called “Grass Ain’t Greener”. 2016 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

QWEEZY FT. BENHILL REESE Bust it Down Produce By. K RaB

Check out this new joint by Qweezy ft. BenHill Reese Called “Bust it Down” produced by K RaB.

Eminem Freestyle | Is he in your top five rappers All Time

Is Eminem the G.O.A.T.? When you speak on who’s the greatest of all time to ever bless a microphone, the answer will always be bias. Why, because hip hop was started in the streets of New York by African Americans or “black people”. Of course most white people will say hands down that Eminem is the best, but real hip hop heads in urban cities such as New York, Philly, and Atlanta to name a few will give you a gang of other rappers to include in the conversation.

My opinion, Eminem is included in my top 5 emcees of all time. I won’t provide the order at this time, but I will inform you that he actually moved up a notch or two after listening to this acapella freestyle promoted to be a Drake diss. I don’t think he was throwing jabs at Drake however Drake don’t want dem problems. I think Eminem was just being a dope artist and letting the fans and competitors know that he is still a force to be reckoned with. Your opinion counts, comment below if you agree or disagree!

Did Andre 3000 diss Drake on Frank Ocean “Solo” Reprise

Did Andre 3000 diss Drake on Frank Ocean “Solo” Reprise. Seems like 3 Stacks may be ready to catapult himself back on the radar with a jab towards so called lyrical emcees needing ghost writers while claiming to be the best. According to social media, he’s talking about Drake. If Drake responds, that might be enough motivation to get Dre back in the booth. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Trick Daddy beefing with Nino Brown – might stick his finger in his butt

Trick Daddy is Looking for ‘Nino Brown’ .. Wants him Tied up and Might stick his finger in his Butt.

Gucci Mane – At Least A M [Official Music Video]

Gucci Mane – At Least A M [Official Music Video]

New Artist Alert “So Gone Challenge” by Mary Jane Phillips [Freestyle]

Hip hip recording artist Mary Jane Phillips puts it done for the ladies for today’s new artist alert. Her freestyle entitled “So Gone Challenge” is a lyrical composition that sets the bar for female emcees while sending a strong message to the broke and fake guys that gets on her nerves. If you know this woman, dated her, or tried to finesse her for a few bucks, she’s talking directly to you on this joint. Listen to this one and don’t hesitate to comment or respond below.

New Artist Alert – Matt Reed “Playing Chess”

Today’s new artist alert is Matt Reed. This guy is going to be the future of hiphop if he continue to make strategic moves. His new joint “Playing Chess” is a dope single displaying his lyrical talent. I’ve listened to a few of Matt Reed’s songs and I just want him to stay focus and dig deeper. Originally is the key to success brother. Peace!!

Jay5 – Give Em Hell [Feat. Dae Dae]

Artist: Jay5, Dae Dae
Song: Give Em Hell

Back To School Bash – Sept 13th 2016 [Today]


Today is our 4th Annual Back 2 School Drive aug 13th from 11-3pm at Salvation Army 967 Dewey st sw atlanta. Come join us for family fun day of games, facepaint, bounce house, haircuts, health screening, and more….. music by @yaboidjtie school supply donation from prek to high school #undagroundmadness #back2schooldrive #educationmatters #empoweringcommunities #Fundraiser #teachone

The Hillside Poetry Showcase – Sept 23, 2016

The Hillside Poetry Showcase flyer

Join us for a night of self expression and inspiration as various artists use their poetry and music to inspire you with depicting a message of truth and awareness. Hosted BY Tameka “GEORGIA ME” Harper, this is a night that artist will Showcase their medium of expression in celebration of Hillside’s 45th Anniversary! This year we are showing up and showing out! So don’t miss out! Get your tickets for The Hillside Poetry Showcase now!
-Presented by the Young Adults of Hillside

Video of Malia Obama smoking weed goes viral

Today’s discussion is about Malia Obama. Why is it such a big problem for her to live a normal life as a teenager? She wasn’t committing a crime or being destructive or anything. She was just enjoying herself at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago with a few of her friends. Unfortunately a video of Malia smoking weed went viral and everybody and their grandma are making fun of her on social media. Damn let that girl enjoy her life! Whether she’s the president’s daughter or not, everyone makes mistakes. Barack Obama is from the hood, I’m sure he and Michelle have more than enough experience on raising and disciplining an African American teenage girl. So with that being said, I think people should mind there own damn business! What’s your opinion?

By Pooh

New artist alert – Vengy DaGod – Got Dam [YouTube Video]

Artist:                 Vengy DaGod

Song:                 Got Dam

Submitted by:  Artist 

I’m an artist from Inglewood, California looking to get exposure. My Motto is Unity and Positivity and True Leadership By What We Say And Do Because We Are Kings And Gods In Our Own Rights.


Gucci Mane – Gucci Please [Official YouTube Video]

Artist: Gucci Mane
Title: Gucci Please
Album/Mixtape: Everybody Looking

Forty Nine Year Old R Kelly Wants To Marry Nineteen Year Old Girlfriend

Is R Kelly getting ready to tie the knot?  According to The Breakfast Club, forty nine  year old R Kelly wants to marry his nineteen year old girlfriend.  I wonder how long have they been dating?  Plus, what else besides a financial gain would persuade a nineteen year girl to want to get married so early in life to an old man?  I won’t judge R Kelly for wanting to marry a girl that’s thirty years younger than him, but I’m sure everybody on social media will blast him for it.

Lil Dicky – Professional Rapper (Feat. Snoop Dogg)

Lil DickyProfessional Rapper (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
The cycle of hip-hop or rap is taking a slow, and painful turn. In today’s music, frankly, everyone copies what’s selling. There’s a genuine fear of being “you”, and risking failure. So, literally every rapper is D-boy, Thug, rich & a killer. It is such a tired and false approach to a genre that used to demand “realness”, that often I cannot listen. Insert Lil Dickey (no pun intended). A Jewish kid from PA. He is the anti-thug. Highly talented, and creative. Not only has he proven his ability to freestyle. But, he’s given you one of the more original songs you’ll hear for some time. This is what art is supposed to be.

By  @therealcalkutta


Sky Diggidy – Life Of A Pimp

Who is Sky Diggidy?  Sky Diggidy is the owner of Blue Ape clothing and CEO of Sky Called Da Play.  Diggidy, well known in East Point and College Park, Ga has found his own lane and driving toward success in hip hop.  His new album LOAP (Life Of A Pimp) is a six song collection featuring hot new artist such as Kap G, Lotto Savage, Coca Vango, and more.  Every track on this project is on point, shout out to Sky Diggidy for calling the play.




Joseline Hernandez who’s the baby daddy |Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Okay people so lets talk about Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for a minute. So everybody know the 5th season has ended and part 1 of the reunion show aired this week. How bout Joseline Hernandez popped up pregnant, SMDH!! I thought her and Stevie J was separated. Not to be petty but bitch who’s the baby daddy? Is it A) Rick Ross B) Stevie J or C) Young Dro. Hell I’m just curious cause she look like she’s about 6 months and the season just ended last week.
By the way, do you guys think Joseline took the restraining order out on Tommie cause she scared of her or is she just mad because she ate her😺? LMAO! I’m just saying what are you guys opinion on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 2016 drama?

By Pooh

Leaked – Bankroll Mafia vs Hustle Gang Album


Fresh off the press! Be the first to listen to the new album Bankroll Mafia vs Hustle Gang. This project includes songs by T.I, Young Dro, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, B.O.B., Chris Brown, and more.

New Video by Leaf – Nada – ft. Lil Yachty

New Video by Leaf called “Nada” featuring Lil Yachty.

Bankroll Fresh “From the Streets” ft. QuickTrip [prod by Mucho]

Artist: Bankroll Fresh, Quick Trip
Title: From The Streets
Producer: mucho

Floyd Mayweather dropped 50K to get his Bugatti Serviced

It must be nice being filthy rich with very expensive taste. A guy like me might have to wait till Payday before replacing a bad tire, brakes, etc. But when you are banked like Floyd Money Mayweather you don’t have those type of problems. According to TMZ TV, Floyd Mayweather dropped 50K to get his Bugatti Serviced. 50K, that’s more than a yearly salary for most people and that’s his fee for getting maintenance on his luxurious vehicle.

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