New Artist Alert – EBP KEEZY “MOBN”

Who is EBP Keezy? EBP Keezy is a talented and hood female rap artist from ATL Georgia. Her hit single “MOBN” (Money Over Bitch Niggas) is an explicit and grimy hood song about gettin money from a female point of view. In her own words this is what EBP Keezy said

“This is a real ass song that opens up people eyes to dl guys, guys that go to prison and fuck other guys then go home to there wives… It’s about not just bitches excuse my French of what words people use to say woman you know they say hoe bitch etc or what ever but anyways like I was saying it’s not just bitches that’s bitches it’s niggas too they gossip like bitches and move like females as well o hope you guys understand where I’m coming from but this is one real ass song…”

Y’all can contact EBP Keezy on Twitter at @ebpewc On IG as @ebpster and on Facebook as Kimberly D Nalls.