Bipolar Skitzo interview with Street Sweepa at Crow’s Nest

Recently our team went out to the Crow’s Nest 112 Mega Plex to watch hip hop artist BB MT and Bossman Cheeze rip the stage. We got a chance to check out a few other artist as well. One artist in particular that grabbed our attention was a rapper known by the name Street Sweepa. On stage Street Sweepa kinda put you in the mind of Miami’s legendary rapper Luke Skywalker by the way he treated the viewers with a display of sexy ladies to help rock and control the crowd. I must admit, Street Sweepa has a recipe that will definitely captivate the audience while putting on a good show. After watching rap recording artist Street Sweepa rip the stage, Bipolar Skitzo got a chance to interview him and the lovely ladies.