New Artist Spotlight – Shaflo

Image of ShafloShneka Chante Williams (aka Shaflo), our new artist spotlight, was born on March 15th in Atlanta, Ga. She is known as the Hip Hop Legend. Her style is different from many other rap stars in the industry and her music makes your soul pop.
Shaflo gained her passion for music when she was only 8 years old. Back then she started writing poetry and singing in front of the mirror every day. As she got older Shaflo turned her poetry into songs and she started getting into Hip-Hop and even tried her hand in R&B. But one day Shaflo was listening to one of the biggest pop artist ever known, Madonna. She loved her style and how different she was and thats when Shaflo said I can master all genres of music. Then from there Shaflo started busting the walls down with her unique lyrics, unforgettable styles, and energetic moves.
Shaflo started showcasing her talent all over Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. Everywhere she goes everyone knows her as Shaflo,#Showtime. She has performed in many venue’s and is now working in the acting scene so stay tuned for her apperence on Urban Hip Hop show Empire.
Shaflo continues to impress the audience with energy and style and thats what makes her different from all the rest. Although she has the skills of writing, and producing performing is her passion. Whenever you see Shaflo you will always remember that Shaflo is in the Building. Follow her on Instagram @ShafloWilliams and YouTube: Shaflo Williams Reverbnation: Queen Shaflo Email: