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Falcons vs Titans week 7 preview“FALCONS LACK HEART OF A CHAMPION!”

NFL Report: Titans vs. Falcons
Week 7 Matchup
Sunday October 25, 2015 1:00 P.M.
– All-Star Steve

On paper, the Tennessee Titans vs. Atlanta Falcons matchup adds further support for football pundits who believe Atlanta’s once unbeaten record was a result of a weak schedule. Until the short week loss to the New Orleans Saints, the Falcons coaches had been able to mask the team’s weaknesses and had them playing at a high quality level no matter what grade you gave their schedule. And going into this week it was unlikely they were going to suffer a loss to a rookie starting quarterback, Titans’ QB, Marcus Mariota, and thus, allow him to win his first game against an above .500 record team. But with Mariota’s injury this past Sunday enters Zach Mettenberger and also enters the possibility that the Falcons could possibly lose their 2nd game of the season.

Record aside, Atlanta had been playing extremely well on both sides of the ball. Their three-headed offense attack of QB Matt Ryan, WR Julio Jones, and RB Devonta Freeman is lethal. But fumbles and turnovers quickly stalled their attack against the Saints. Also, on the defensive side of the ball, they remain tops in the league in rushing yards allowed. And despite giving up huge yardage in the passing game, until Thursday’s loss, the Falcons defense had been able to get stops when they needed to and to limit the scoring of opponents.

And that’s where it would have been more beneficial to play against Mariota than against Mettenberger. Mariota has shown the potential to be to be a long-time starter in the league, but he had not been a consistent long range passer. His strength was in throwing short and medium passes and in game management. Coach Ken Whisenhunt would have continued to lie on a very conservative game plan for his rookie quarterback which he doesn’t have to do with Mettenberger. He can now open up a more attacking passing style. Mettenberger has a stronger arm, more pocket presence, and is going to present the same problems to the Falcons pass defense that Drew Bress did in the Saints loss.

On the other side of the field, the Titans defense had not been playing strong enough to carry the team through the ups and down of a rookie quarterback in the first several games and thus the 1-5 record. But let’s not be too hasty to dismiss three things: 1. This is the NFL where the game is played on the field, not in press clippings and scouting reports; 2. This is a copy-cat league and once your weaknesses have been exposed in a loss, every team playing after that game is going to try to attack those same weaknesses and 3. Any team can win on any given Sunday.

Despite the great running of Freeman; look for the Titans’ defense under the direction of Hall of Famer, Dick LeBeau to limit Atlanta’s offense. He is slowly shaping Tennessee’s’ defense into the intimidating defense that he led with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Titans rank near the bottom in rushing yards allowed per game. But they rank first in the number of passing yards that they allow. That doesn’t bode well for the Falcons offense that is short of a 100% Julio Jones who will play this week, but who is still ailing and needs time to rest from a hamstring injury. Roddy White and Leonard Hankerson have not adequately picked up the loss in Jones’s production and the offensive line still can’t pass protect long enough to allow Matt Ryan to stay upright.

Atlanta is one of the better teams in the NFL but has not proved itself to be one of the “Best” teams in the league such as Green Bay and New England and as evidenced by consistently winning the games they are supposed to win. Most people will predict this matchup as an easy win for the Falcons; noting that the Falcons will be seeking to come back strong from a loss and to prevent two losses in a row. But that takes the heart of champion and I’ll believe the Falcons have that heart when I see it.

Scotty ATL -Cloud IX [Martacard Drop]

Shout out to Scotty ATL and Playboi Tre for allowing the team to stop by No Genre studio for some cool footage and a drop for our site.

Interview with Boss Man Cheeze – Good Money Made

Check out this cool interview with Good Money Made Ent. Hip hop recording artist Boss Man Cheeze. Boss Man Cheeze talks about how he got his name, comparing him with hip hop legends such as The Notorious B.I.G. and Eightball & MJG. Cheeze also talked about his upcoming mixtape. Check out how the Boss Man handled E-SUN when he was put on the spot to buss a freestyle.

DJ Akademiks blast Slim Jesus for stepping outside his lane

Is rap artist Slim Jesus making a big mistake by talking tough on social media? DJ Akademiks blast the white rapper for stepping outside his lane and daring the OPPS to come to Frank block if they have a problem with him. What do you think about this topic?

Trey Songz Hit With Tax Lien of $748K and Immediately Wires $790K to IRS to Pay It Off!

I’m sure everybody in this country knows that the IRS is not a joke, they really want their money or shall I say “your money” when it’s time to pay up. That being said, news leaked through social media that R&B star Trey Songz was hit with a tax lien of $748,000. Fortunately, Trey was able to pay them in full immediately to prevent further actions. DJ Akademiks added a little humor to the story, this guy keeps it real and uncut at all times.

All Star Steve “Break Out The Gumbo” Falcons vs Saints

Break out the gumbo Falcons, SaintsThe NFL’s Thursday Night football matchup features the intense Atlanta Falcons/New Orleans Saints rivalry that has existed since both teams came into the league a year apart from each other. The Falcons lead the series 49-43. At stake for the Falcons is the opportunity for them to win their first NFC South division contest this year and allow them to keep pace with the also undefeated, Carolina Panthers. On the line for the Saints is avoiding a loss to every team in the NFC South division and basically shutting down any playoff hopes.

This year the two teams have been truly going in opposite directions. Atlanta goes into New Orleans brimming with confidence after a hard fought over-time victory against a really tough Washington Redskins defense. The Falcons have shown championship caliber resolve in winning 4 of their 5 games after trailing in the 4th quarter of each contest.

As for the Saints, somebody put out an all-points bulletin for the team that was once a playoff threat every year. The organization’s inept handling of the salary cap has resulted in the loss of several key players. Add to that, a steady diet of mistake-filled play on the field and what you have is a team going in the wrong direction in a hurry, from riches to rags.

Turnovers and penalties are the quickest way to lose games in the NFL and the Saints have been committing them in bunches. In just 5 short weeks they have already committed 40 penalties and last week Drew Brees committed 3 turnovers that led to 17 points for the Philadelphia Eagles in a 39-17 lost.

Yet, despite the Saints constantly shooting themselves in the foot, they still have the 3rd ranked passing team in the league and so cornerbacks Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford will be challenged with a real test if Brees gets any time at all. With no real run threat from the Saints, the front 7 of Atlanta will need to pressure Brees enough that his passing yardage can at least be managed to a reasonable level and keep the Saints scoring down.

The surprising Falcons defense is now ranked number 1 against the run and is allowing only 78 rushing yards per game. The Falcons have been playing outstanding overall defense as well during their five-game win streak. The Saints have allowed a sack in each game at a rate of 3 sacks per game; including 5 in this past Sunday’s Eagles game.

Offensively, the Falcons’ offense was slowed by the 3rd ranked Redskins defense, but made plays when they needed to make them in the end. The explosive duo of Julio Jones and Davonta Freeman lead a balanced attack that is ranked in the top ten in overall yards per game (406, 4th); passing (280, 8th); and rushing yards (126, 9th). Freeman had a particularly good day with 153 yards. A squad that has been decimated with injuries, the Saints are dead last in defense and will be no match against an offense that will no doubt attempt to score early and often to quiet the crowd and keep the Saints in a come-back position.

Thursday night games in the NFL can sometimes become lopsided affairs but in most division rivalry games you can disregard the team records and look for a tough fight. Also, the most dangerous opponent in the NFL is the team that is desperate for a win. The Saints are looking for answers to turn around their fortunes and at home in front of a much hyped crowd is just the right time and place to do it. The Falcons are just not the right team.

There’s just not enough meat left on the bones of the Saints’ roster for them to offer a real threat to end the Atlanta Falcons undefeated win streak. Falcon fans can break out the gumbo and celebrate on Bourbon Street with a sixth win.

Kap G interview with Sway In The Morning

Check out this cool interview with Kap G on the Sway In The Morning show.

Rapper Scarface gets arrested after receiving “I Am Hip Hop Award”

The 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards were in Atlanta this weekend and the police made a guest appearance. Legendary rapper Scarface (Geto Boys) was honored with the “I Am Hip Hop Award” for his contributions to the hip hop/ rap culture. Immediately after receiving the award, law enforcement gave him a surprise visit and arrested the 90’s rap star and escorted him directly to jail for an outstanding warrant.

According to WSB-TV, Scarface was arrested for not making child support payments and his bond was set at $482,190. Bad news travel fast, this story has surfaced widespread throughout the hip hop community and is another attempt to humiliate the black man. I don’t know what type of father he is but I’m willing to bet that his children or child wouldn’t want to see their father detained during an honorable event.

I hope Scareface (Brad Jordan) can put this embarrassment behind him, rectify his situation and move forward. While you are here, check out his new video “God” from his Deeply Rooted album featuring John Legend and support real hip hop music! Free Scarface!!!!

All Star Steve says Falcons vs Redskins game is a toss up

The first quarter of the 2015 NFL season is in the books and the Atlanta Falcons have surprised everyone so far with their best start since the 2012-13 season that ended with a NFC Conference Championship lost to the San Francisco 49ers. Being 4-0 sounds good but at this point even a .500 team is only 2 games behind so count the first four games of a NFL season as merely a warm-up. Last year the Seattle Seahawks began the season at only 1-3 and wound up being one batted down pass away from their 2nd Super Bowl victory. Over the next couple of weeks is when teams will really start making strides. That makes this week’s Washington Redskins/Atlanta Falcons matchup important to both teams post season hopes.

The 2-2 Redskins are locked in a race with the Dallas Cowboys and the NY Giants for control of the NFC East Division. They have had an up and down season so far with losses to the Giants and Dolphins; but are coming off of a 15 play, 90 yard game-winning drive over the Eagles led by quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins was tutored as a rookie by Atlanta’s Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shannahan, when Shannahan coached in Washington. He has been turnover prone but has a strong arm, is mobile enough to avoid a lot of sacks, and is playing with a lot of confidence.

Atlanta needs this victory to remain tied with the Carolina Panthers for the NFC South Division title. The Falcons have employed a sort of “bend but not break” defense where they rank near the bottom of the league in passing yardage allowed yet have not allowed many points from opponents. They dodged a major bullet this week when the Redskins announced that three time pro bowler, DeSean Jackson, who led the league last year in yards per catch (20.9), will not play due to a hamstring injury suffered in the first week of the season. Don’t look for a pass oriented offense from the Redskins, but Cousins may find some opportunities; because the Falcons defensive secondary will need to help load the box against the Redskins’ run game.

Both the Falcons and the Redskins will look to run the ball, but for different reasons. Look for the Redskins to attack with a healthy dose of the run game in order to control the game clock and keep Atlanta’s offense off the field. Led by Alfred Morris who has regained his rookie season form; the Redskins don’t lose a step when back-ups rookie Matt Jones and Chris Thompson enter the game. Their offense leads the league in rushing with 139.5 yards per game. Although the pass defense has been Atlanta’s Achilles heel; their defense against the run has been really good and is ranked 5th in the league in yards allowed. That ranking should go down after the Redskins bring their run dominant game to town.

In contrast, the Falcons run to open the passing the game. The Falcons’ fast start coincides with the always reliable hands of Julio Jones and their much improved running game led by Devonta Freeman and his league leading 7 touchdowns. The Falcons’ run game will also benefit from the return of RB Tevin Coleman to the lineup. Atlanta’s offensive line has benefited greatly from the outstanding speed of both Freeman and Coleman and from the team’s return to a zone blocking scheme that doesn’t require the linemen to hold their blocks as long. They will need to continue to find ways to open lanes for the running game against a Washington defense that has only allowed a league leading 78 yards rushing per game and no rushing touchdowns so far.

But the identity of the Falcons offense is its pass game. Offensive Coordinator, Kyle Shannahan was over-shadowed by his Dad, Coach Mike Shannahan, in Washington but he has shown himself to be more than capable at creative play calling for Atlanta’s pass oriented offense.

Their offense begins with Matt Ryan who shook off two interceptions in the first game of the year and has seen his QB rating rise higher each week from the previous game. And it is powered by Julio Jones who leads the league in yards per catch and will draw the bulk of the attention from the Redskins’ secondary which will be missing several starters including former Falcon, DeAngelo Hall. The Redskins secondary has yet to record an interception.

The biggest recipient of the increased attention to Jones in last week’s game against the Texans was WR Leonard Hankerson and if the offensive line can continue to keep Matt Ryan upright, he should play a big role in the offense again. Missing in action this year has been Roddy White, who voiced complaints this week about the low number of times that he has had balls thrown his way. Look for him to be targeted early, but for the Ryan to continue to spread his passes around to his tight end, receivers, and runners out of the backfield.

A Falcons win and they will be able to thank the NFC East Division for all but one of their wins this season. But the Falcons will need to guard against looking ahead to the short week game Thursday night against their South Division rival, New Orleans Saints. The talent on the Redskins’ roster closely matches the Falcons and each teams’ strengths and weaknesses is going to make this game closer than most think.

Turnovers and special teams will play a big role this week and it likely will come down to the winning team being the team that has the ball last in the 4th quarter or in overtime. Give the slight advantage to the Falcons’ strong kicking game and playing at home. But in a game too close to call, if the Redskins are driving down the field with the ball last then they will return to Washington with a victory.

The Game Freestyle over Fetty Wap Instrumental

Is The Game a real emcee or what? Do you think he can buss from the top of the dome with potent heat over a nice track? Listen to to The Game spittin bars over a Fetty Wap instrumental while at Power 106FM The Liftoff with Eric Dlux and Justin Credible while celebrating the release of his new album The Documentary 2 in stores now. Be honest and comment below with your opinion on this one.

New Artist Spotlight – Shaflo

Image of ShafloShneka Chante Williams (aka Shaflo), our new artist spotlight, was born on March 15th in Atlanta, Ga. She is known as the Hip Hop Legend. Her style is different from many other rap stars in the industry and her music makes your soul pop.
Shaflo gained her passion for music when she was only 8 years old. Back then she started writing poetry and singing in front of the mirror every day. As she got older Shaflo turned her poetry into songs and she started getting into Hip-Hop and even tried her hand in R&B. But one day Shaflo was listening to one of the biggest pop artist ever known, Madonna. She loved her style and how different she was and thats when Shaflo said I can master all genres of music. Then from there Shaflo started busting the walls down with her unique lyrics, unforgettable styles, and energetic moves.
Shaflo started showcasing her talent all over Atlanta, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. Everywhere she goes everyone knows her as Shaflo,#Showtime. She has performed in many venue’s and is now working in the acting scene so stay tuned for her apperence on Urban Hip Hop show Empire.
Shaflo continues to impress the audience with energy and style and thats what makes her different from all the rest. Although she has the skills of writing, and producing performing is her passion. Whenever you see Shaflo you will always remember that Shaflo is in the Building. Follow her on Instagram @ShafloWilliams and YouTube: Shaflo Williams Reverbnation: Queen Shaflo Email: shafloshaflo@yahoo.com

Would you smash 67 Year old Grace Jones

Grace Jones flashes her breastWould you smash 67 Year old Grace Jones? That’s a question many guys would ask after seeing her partially nude pictures surface online recently while at a book signing at a Barnes and Noble book store in New York. According to Dailymail.co.uk

She recently criticized Miley Cyrus and Rihanna for not adequately challenging the status quo and merely copying her exhibitionist feats from the 1970s.

And as if to prove the point 67-year-old Grace Jones flashed the cameras with her bare breasts at a book signing in New York on Thursday.

Personally, I think Grace Jones has done an amazing job preserving her body. It is rare for a woman her age to main six pack abs and I don’t have a problem with her flaunting it. Would I hit it though? I pled the 5th on this one. What about you? For the full story click on link Grace Jones flashes her breast.

Jack Thriller gets knocked out “BX Fight Club” hosted by Remy Ma

Recently ThisIs50 host Jack Thriller stepped in the squared circle for a boxing match without head gear against a guy name Proteus at the BX Fight Club. Jack Thriller, a bulky shaped guy with a pop belly was much bigger than Proteus, a chiseled specimen of a man with a very low percentage of body fat.

Late in the first round Jack Thriller realized that he wasn’t in the best of shape as his punches were much slower and he became fatigue. To be honest, Thriller really didn’t get knocked out cold but he did receive a couple of devastating punches that resulted to him hitting the canvas a couple of times. This event was hosted by the sexy female hip hop artist Remy Ma. You need to watch this footage and share it with your homies.

New Remix by Drake “Hotline Bling” featuring Erykah Badu

Young Money recording artist Drake pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this hot new remix. Hotline Bling was already blazing the airwaves and now Drake has stepped it up another notch by adding sexy R&B diva Erykah Badu to the song. If you’re an Erykah Badu fan, you are probably going to appreciate hearing her voice over this bangin track. Listen to this new joint and be the first to share it with your people.

All Star Steve predicts Falcons will lose against the Texans

zyrik 7u jonesboro falcons black

The Atlanta Falcons are 1 of 7 currently undefeated football teams in the NFL. (Bengals, Broncos, Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, and Patriots) The Houston Texans are coming off of their 1st win of the season against the 1-2 Buccaneers. The Texans first two losses were to the Chiefs and the Panthers and they are averaging less than 20 pts. per game. Arian Foster missed all 3 games with a groin injury but practiced all week. He’s a game day call but should be ready for Sunday will be a big boost in their offensive production.

The biggest challenge for Falcons will be blocking both Jadeveon Clowney and J.J. Watt. In the Bucs’ game they both looked extremely strong against the run and pass rushing. The piecemeal Falcons line has not played together long enough to withstand that kind of relentless pressure. Combine that with Texans stop the run first defense and it likely will prove too much for Falcons talented but inexperienced running backs and cancel any effectiveness from the run game.

That spells bad news when the defense can focus on pressuring Matt Ryan. He is much more effective when there is at least the threat of a run game. Julio Jones has shown that he can carry the offense and basically bailed out the Falcons against both the Giants and Cowboys. So expect guru defensive coach, Romeo Crennel, to attempt to double team and take Julio out of the game. That leaves Roddy White to try to step up, but he may have lost a step when the need for to get rid of the ball quickly will be at a premium.

Equally problematic for the Falcons is their passing game is predicated on using the size and strength of White and Jones to gain yards by running short to mid-range routes. Jones has the speed to run the longer routes but Ryan doesn’t have the arm strength to accurately reach him consistently.

Advantage Falcons playing at home but the game isn’t played in the stands. Have fun tailgating but expect Falcons 1st loss of the season.



Check out exotic dancer and sexy model Nikki Novelty “The Real Fire Queen” as she display her pole dancing skills in this video. @iam_NikkiNovelty has perfected the craft of shooting fire from her crotch during a twerkin session. If you like exotic dancing you should watch this visual and book Nikki Novelty for your next event or video.

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