Floyd Mayweather will fight Andre Berto Sept 15th

Breaking news boxing fans! Floyd Money Mayweather has agreed to fight Andre Berto on September 15th 2015. This fight will be televised live on CBS and Mayweather is expected to earn between 30 to 35 million according to Bleacherreport.com.
Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto ring side
Of course Mayweather haters are going to be upset about this opponent. The critics are probably going to ask Floyd to stop hand picking opponents and give Amir Khan a shot. Well true boxing fans like myself know that Khan would take an L just like Pacquiao and produce another boring fight. On another note, please don’t under estimate Berto. Dude is a very talented boxer with mad knockout potential. I think this going to be an exciting match, what do you think?

Rapper 50 Cent files Bankruptcy

Do you remember the hit album Get Rich Or Die Tryin by 50 Cent? Well I hope he doesn’t die trying to stay rich. NBC news reported that rapper 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy today while in court. The hip hop mogul claimed debt from 10 To 50 million dollars. Do you think he’s broke? Hell nall, 50 is the executive producer and actor of Power, one of the hottest shows on television. This is probably a devious attempt to avoid paying a few of his recent lawsuits. I don’t blame him, keep your money homie.

Outlawz member Hussein Fatal dies in car Crash

This is another sad moment in hip hop. Rapper Hussein Fatal, a close friend of the late Tupac Shakir and member of the group The Outlawz died yesterday July 11th 2015 in tragic car accident. R.I.P Hussein Fatal from ESUN and the Martacard.com family! In memory of Hussein Fatal we bring you one of his latest releases Real Az Dey Come featuring Young Noble

100 Yards of Football (July 11th)



It’s that time again. Saturday mornings in Atlanta mean awesome sports talk, and the boys from 100 Yards of Football will have a lot to talk about this week.

In Saturday’s episode, the crew will discuss who is the best quarterback in college football? They will also try to see who is the best team of the non Power Five Conferences, is Greyson Lambert the X-factor for UGA and has Alabama lost its swagger?

The guys will then talk about all the news around the NFL. Is Matt Ryan the most underrated quarterback in the league? Does Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan have what it takes to take them to the next level? Who has the best defense in the AFC? How much money will Russell Wilson get from the Seahawks? And is having more games in London beneficial for the NFL?

So be sure to join “Mr. Football” Vincent Turner, Rob Stewart, Brian Jones, Jonathan Simmons and Patrick King on WIGO 1570 AM from 10-11:30 a.m. You can also listen on the TuneIn Radio App and type in WIGO or 100 Yards of Football.

Police brutality must stop – Tyree Carroll

Guest blog by Ben Porter @BackpackerP
I hate watching videos of people being abused by the biggest gang in america…

i don’t blame all police but I do know that those that are silent are assholes for looking the other way when their co workers abuse their power… the only way forward is to police our own communities so that we can set the tone.


I wrote this about it recently about it:

100 Yards of Football live broadcast (July 4th)

100 yards of football flyer
It’s Independence Day weekend, and that means there will be a lot of fireworks going off all across the country, especially on Saturday night. But there will also be fireworks going on Saturday morning as the boys of 100 Yards of Football will be discussing all the hot sports topics that happened over the week.

The NBA free agency kicked off on Wednesday, and there were some interesting moves to say the least. The crew will talk about were the winners of free agency, who are now the favorites to win the Eastern and Western Conference and did the Hawks get better with the moves they made.

Also, NFL teams will start training camp at the end of the month, which means there is a lot to talk about. What will become of Johnny Manziel? Can the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills keep up with the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots? Who will have a breakout season? Which new head coach will be successful? What were the best and work free agent signings this offseason? And when will Los Angeles get a team?

Be sure to listen to 100 Yards of Football on WIGO 1570 AM on Saturday from 10-11:30 a.m. The hosts of this week show are “Mr. Football” Vincent Turner, Robert Stewart, Brian Jones and Jonathan Simmons. You can also listen to show live on Martacard.com, wigoam.com, or on the Tune-in application on any mobile device.

Click below for the replay of the show