New Artist Alert – Killezzy “Oceans Freestyle”

Killezzy cover
Who is Killezzy? Killezzy is a hip hop artist from South Georgia that’s ready to take the rap game by storm. Dude got bars!! I checked out his new video/single “Oceans Freestyle” and I was very impressed with his work. First, the track he’s spitting over is one of the hardest beats I’ve heard in a long time. It kinda sounds like KRS 1’s “Loves Gonna Get Cha” with a little Dr. Dre’s “Cronic” sprinkled over it. The hook didn’t hurt the song at all, I must say. By the time the first verse kicked in, I was already anticipating something special. Real talk, yall need to listen to this guy and support real hip hop.

Oceans-Killezzy (Official Music Video) from Killezzy on Vimeo.

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