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New Video Release – Kendrick Lamar – i

Today’s hip hop or shall I say rap music is so over saturated with mediocre artist. Most of them try to duplicate, rebuild or enhance something that has already been done time and time again. When I listen to Kendrick Lamar, I feel like I am listening to an innovator. You know, someone that’s on a mission to build from scratch and construct something brand new.

If you are a fan of good music, then you probably understand the point that I am trying to make. That being said, I stumbled over a new video by Kendrick Lamar that was released On November 4th 2014. The song called “i” is the first single from his upcoming third studio album yet to be named. Getting major radio play across the nation, Kendrick Lamar is a few steps above competition right now. I put him in the category of a Andre 3000, Eminem, or Nas type of lyricist. If you haven’t had a chance to see the video, check it out first on

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