Indie Artist “T Priest” Wins DaIndieSpot’s WARZONE BATTLE TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!!!


There’s a lot to say about the WARZONE’s last Indie Artist Battle Winner!! Trey “T Priest” Smith, a Savannah native, is the 2nd Artist in our WARZONE history to have dominated the competition two weeks in a row. If you ask T Priest he’ll say “There is no competition”. Now to most Artist, that may sound arrogent and over confident, but he is just that. Hints to why he has a Hit Song called “Feelin Myself”.

The 1st time we ever had T Priest bless the WARZONE stage, he was put out of the competition after the 1st round. The judges felt so torn with the decision that they actually brought him back into the competition in the 3rd round. Something that they have never done before. Even though he did not win in the 3rd round, he vowed that he would come back to the next show and walk out as the next WARZONE Champion. So lets fast forward. April 23rd, T Priest arrived at the show, performed his Hit Single “Time Waits For No Man” and murdered his component in the 3rd round. Just as he said, he won that competition with no problems and left the building like a Champ.

The last WARZONE Battle was on May 7th. Although we love T Priest’s energy and delivery on stage, we were sure that his competition wasn’t going to just let him take home a win for the 2nd time. But right before the show he said those oh so familiar words. “There is not competition”!!! After that show we learned to take heed to what this man was saying. Still pushing his two Hit Singles “Time Waits For No Man” and “Feeling Myself” he got on stage and did what he does best…. TURN THEEE **** UP!!!! In our opinion, we would say that his voice, his presence, his delivery demands attention and that is exactly what he receives. Attention from the audience, attention from the judges, and attention from his fellow performers. You can almost say this was like deja vu. Just like the previous show, he totally knocked the competition out. Like Future says.. “Aint No Way Around It”.

So now Trey “T Priest” Smith is currently working from Savannah to Atlanta to Florida. He’s booking shows, regulating and dominating the Indie Battle scene. “Im not just sitting back waiting on my turn, Im forcing turns to be given to me and refusing to take no as an answer” says T Priest. As his Hit Single says “Time Waits For No Man”, so you can defiantly bet on seeing more and more of this Hip Hop Indie Artist in a town near you. For booking, show dates, photos and musical materials you can follow T Priest on Facebook, twitter, and instagram at @IAmTPriest !!!



New Music by Kilo Ali – Jimmy Dean

Kilo Ali “Jimmy Dean”

“Hear what I hear”, “Ghetto Drop”, “Nasty Dancer”, “Baby Baby”, need I say more. I wanna give a big shout out to Kilo Ali, one of the first rappers from the south to put Atlanta, Georgia on the map. Check out his latest single entitled “Jimmy Dean”.