DaIndieSpot Spotlight “Royal Dollaz” #Warzone Contest Winner

Royal Dollaz

Royal Dollaz(Yung Nique, D’Andre Cash) a duo hip-hop group out of Atlanta, Ga by way of Florida and Milwaukee currently on a mission to the top, there grind, there talent and ambition is what sets them apart from others. Recently dropping their latest mix-tape A.Y.N.L they plan to start their campaign in Atlanta and end it in Milwaukee. They’ve done many shows in the central Florida area and continue to show there talents in Atlanta. If you haven’t heard their music yet be sure to get in touch with them and support the movement.

Check out Royal Dollaz‘s new single “One Thing” produced by D-Rock

DaIndieSpot Spotlight “Rodski” #Warzone Contest Winner

rodski warzone winner

The last #WarZone Battle Feb 19, 2014 was crazy. Artist came from all over to enter into the competition but in the end only one walked out with the PRIZES!!!

Some might know this artist as Rodski or RodskiUpNext, but here at DaIndieSpot we know him as #Mr2X “Mr 2 Times” !!! “#WarZone Stage Killa” “Mr Knocking Competition OUT”. We can keep going with the names, but I’m sure you get the point. He is the 1st Artist in #WarZone #HISTORY to win the competition TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!!! Wednesday March 12th Rodski is back at Mardi Gras Sports Cafe to hit the #WarZone stage yet again. The question now is will he retain his title as #WarZone champ, stepping off stage as #Mr3X or will a new Artist enter the #BATTLE and knock Rodski off his throne, win the #WAR , and be deemed the new champ of our #WarZone #BATTLE Compeititon??? Only time will tell.

For more info on Rodski follow him on TWITTER @RodskiUpNext

Check out Rodski‘s new single “All I Want” produced by 30roc

Da Brat Responds to 6.4 million dollar lawsuit

On February 28th 2014, rapper Da Brat was ordered to pay a woman 6.4 million dollars for injuries from a violent bottle assault back in 2007. Released from prison in 2011 after serving 3 years for the crime, Da Brat has moved forward to continue her music career. She recently responded to the results of the lawsuit in this video.