New Female MC on the Block – MissteryThaMovement

There’s a new female MC making noise all through the streets of Atlanta. Draped in all-black she is hitting every open mic and showcase and shutting it down. Style so different you’ll never find another female MC “Masked Up, Pretty As F*ck” like MissteryThaMovement says in her hit single “PlusTax”.

“I can’t ever remember not loving music” says Misstery. Performing from a tender age of 8, Misstery has not only grown into woman but she has grown in her artistry. Misstery-FlyerEvery performance she delivers perfection as she defines it “Giving the very best of yourself”. Her hard core style of rapping mixed with a true message empowering females is what makes her so unique as a female MC. Not to mention the black mask, black cape, and black gloves of course.

At DaIndieSpot‘s last artist showcase I had an epiphany as I looked into the crowd. I finally realized what the name MissteryThaMovement meant. I noticed how everyone in the audience who had never witnessed her performance had a puzzled look on their face as she took the stage. So to them, it was a “Misstery” as to what she would say, what she would do. As she reached the end of her performance, I was amazed to see how she had the entire crowd involved in her set as if they were present for her rehearsal and knew exactly where to jump in. All around the room there wasn’t one fist in the building that wasn’t in the air. Thats when it hit me. What had started as a “Misstery” to a crowd filled with strangers had then evolved into a “Movement”, now, to a crowd filled with supporters.

Currently you can find MissteryThaMovement all over Atlanta GA promoting “Girl Power” and performing her hit single “Plus Tax”. “Atlanta is only the beginning” says Misstery. From the blocks of ATL to a block near you, you can bet money that MissteyThaMovement will soon be ringing bells WorldWide.

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Listen to her music on SoundCloud MissteryThaMovement

Booking Info

Contact: IceCold Management
Number: (404) 625-3293

By: @DaIndieSpotAtl