Snow Storm Shuts Down Atlanta – State of Emergency declared in Georgia

In the past, whenever it snowed in Atlanta, it usually started at night or early in the am. Well on January 28, 2014, the snow decided to come down heavenly before noon. Since the temperature didn’t get above freezing today, the snow caused the roads to get very icy during school and work hours. As a result, people all over the city are stranded on icy roads unable to make it home to safety and their love ones.

Many students, both young and old are stuck in school or on campus until the roads get better. Many travelers are unable to make it home from work, seeking shelter and having to abandon vehicles until the roads clear. According to news media, the situation is not expecting to get better until tomorrow. In fact, Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a state of emergency declaration related to the winter storm for the entire state of Georgia. Keep Georgia in your prayers!

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Now it’s 24 hours later and some people are still stranded in the snow storm. News media has been covering the storm since it started and showing clips and images of the results. Trying to blame Kasim Reed for disasterIt seems to me that everyone is pointing the finger towards Atlanta’s mayor Kasim Reed for not handling the situation correctly. During a press conference this morning with Mayor Reed, he was asked very difficult questions about preparing for such a disaster. Why didn’t you cancel school? Why didn’t you prep the roads with salt? Why? Why? Why? He answered the questions with concern and very intelligently. He also spoke with CNN, check it out below!