New Female MC on the Block – MissteryThaMovement

There’s a new female MC making noise all through the streets of Atlanta. Draped in all-black she is hitting every open mic and showcase and shutting it down. Style so different you’ll never find another female MC “Masked Up, Pretty As F*ck” like MissteryThaMovement says in her hit single “PlusTax”.

“I can’t ever remember not loving music” says Misstery. Performing from a tender age of 8, Misstery has not only grown into woman but she has grown in her artistry. Misstery-FlyerEvery performance she delivers perfection as she defines it “Giving the very best of yourself”. Her hard core style of rapping mixed with a true message empowering females is what makes her so unique as a female MC. Not to mention the black mask, black cape, and black gloves of course.

At DaIndieSpot‘s last artist showcase I had an epiphany as I looked into the crowd. I finally realized what the name MissteryThaMovement meant. I noticed how everyone in the audience who had never witnessed her performance had a puzzled look on their face as she took the stage. So to them, it was a “Misstery” as to what she would say, what she would do. As she reached the end of her performance, I was amazed to see how she had the entire crowd involved in her set as if they were present for her rehearsal and knew exactly where to jump in. All around the room there wasn’t one fist in the building that wasn’t in the air. Thats when it hit me. What had started as a “Misstery” to a crowd filled with strangers had then evolved into a “Movement”, now, to a crowd filled with supporters.

Currently you can find MissteryThaMovement all over Atlanta GA promoting “Girl Power” and performing her hit single “Plus Tax”. “Atlanta is only the beginning” says Misstery. From the blocks of ATL to a block near you, you can bet money that MissteyThaMovement will soon be ringing bells WorldWide.

Follow her on Twitter @MissteryThaMove

Listen to her music on SoundCloud MissteryThaMovement

Booking Info

Contact: IceCold Management
Number: (404) 625-3293

By: @DaIndieSpotAtl


Young Bloodz – 85 ft. Big Boi, Cutty Cartel

In 2000, the Young Bloodz dropped “85” ft. Big Boi (OutKast) and Cutty Cartel (Jim Crow) as their second single from the album “Against Da Grain”. This song was very popular in the city of Atlanta during that time. I hear that the Young Bloodz (Sean P and J-Bo) are working on a new album, I wish them much success.

Martacard 12 O’Clock Classic

Young Bloodz – 85 ft. Big Boi, Cutty Cartel

Snow Storm Shuts Down Atlanta – State of Emergency declared in Georgia

In the past, whenever it snowed in Atlanta, it usually started at night or early in the am. Well on January 28, 2014, the snow decided to come down heavenly before noon. Since the temperature didn’t get above freezing today, the snow caused the roads to get very icy during school and work hours. As a result, people all over the city are stranded on icy roads unable to make it home to safety and their love ones.

Many students, both young and old are stuck in school or on campus until the roads get better. Many travelers are unable to make it home from work, seeking shelter and having to abandon vehicles until the roads clear. According to news media, the situation is not expecting to get better until tomorrow. In fact, Gov. Nathan Deal has signed a state of emergency declaration related to the winter storm for the entire state of Georgia. Keep Georgia in your prayers!

Read more: State of Emergency declared in Georgia

Now it’s 24 hours later and some people are still stranded in the snow storm. News media has been covering the storm since it started and showing clips and images of the results. Trying to blame Kasim Reed for disasterIt seems to me that everyone is pointing the finger towards Atlanta’s mayor Kasim Reed for not handling the situation correctly. During a press conference this morning with Mayor Reed, he was asked very difficult questions about preparing for such a disaster. Why didn’t you cancel school? Why didn’t you prep the roads with salt? Why? Why? Why? He answered the questions with concern and very intelligently. He also spoke with CNN, check it out below!

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: ‪Eminem “Stan”‬‏

“Stan” was and still is one of my favorite hiphop songs of all time. Eminem created a masterpiece when he wrote this one. The video was on point too. I’m presenting you the long version, I don’t recall seeing this one back in the day. Shout-out to Eminem!!!

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic

Eminem “Stan”

New Music – STO Regula Nigga “Errbody”

Check out this new single by STO entitled “Regula Nigga Errbody” from his “SupaDope 1.5 Uncut” album. STO, CEO of Golden Palace Entertainment is following up from his DatPiff Bronze Awarded (20,000 +) Mix-tape “Supa Dope” released in 2013. Listen to the single below and follow him on Twitter @TheSTO. STO REGULA NIGGA ERRBODY

Beyonce Wardrobe Malfunction – Nipple exposed during performance with Jay Z “Grammy’s”

Did you notice Beyonce‘s wardrobe malfunction last night at the Grammy Awards 2014? During the “Drunk In Love” performance with Jay Z, Beyonce‘s left nipple popped out of her shirt. Her exposed nipple didn’t seem to bother her at all, Beyonce continued on and gave the fans one of the best performances of the evening.

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic: ‪Nas “One Mic”‬‏

Nas is definitely on my top 10 list.  In fact, I might consider him as one of my top 5 best rappers of all time.  Over twenty years in the game and Nas is still relevant today. “One Mic” is one of my favorite songs in the Nas collection. This was a huge single a few years ago.

Martacard 12 O’clock Classic

Nas “One Mic”