Nipsey Hussle says major labels don’t respect talent

In this interview with west coast rapper Nipsey Hussle and VLADTV, Nipsey talks about why he left Epic/Cinematic records and says that major labels don’t respect talent. Nipsey also talks about being an independent artist and acknowledging Mac Miller for his success. He says that west coast rappers are now getting more support from the DJ’s now. Cool interview, check it out…

Adrien Broner loses fight against Marcos Maidana

It was an exciting fight at Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. In his quest to dominate boxing and the welterweight divison, Adrien Broner is upset by Marcos Maidana. After being hyped up by ESPN, WorldStarHiphop, and boxing networks, 27-0 Adrien Broner loses his first fight by unanimous decision against Marcos Maidana. Broner was knocked down in the 2nd and 8th round and practically dominated throughout the entire fight. Hats off to Maidana for winning the WBA World welterweight title and improving his record to 35 wins and 3 losses.

Ohio State Buckeyes Amir Williams says coach was on his what?

What did Amir Williams, the center for the Ohio State Buckeyes say in the post game interview. I know his coach is going to give him a hard time in practice tomorrow. Either dude is an idiot or a genius for making this mistake. I’m sure this interview will be all over social media very soon. Check it out below!

Austin Trout probably won’t get a fight with Mayweather after this loss

Are you a real boxing fan like me? Did you see Austin Trout fight at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. this past weekend? Trout, who suffered his first loss earlier this year to the Mexican sensation Canelo Alvarez was considered one of the best boxers in the light middle weight division. Trout, trying to score a huge match with Floyd Mayweather, was knocked on his back and almost tko’ed by Erislandy Lara this past weekend. Later Trout ended up losing by unanimous decision and Lara walked away with the vacant WBA World light middleweight title.

Nya Lee of Love & Hip Hop opens up about the scar on her Neck

Nya Lee of Love & Hip Hop sits with Vlad TV and opens up about the night she was attacked and cut across her neck and chest. She breaks down how the drama started and why. Lee also talks about how she was able to move forward and prosper even after the horrible scar. This is an interesting interview, you should check it out.

Shalom Little – MARTA Card – ft. Kaedus, J.R.


The subJAKKK is the debut solo mixtape from Shalom Little [a.k.a. Sha’Lil]. Little, who is a member of the Atlanta hip-hop collective subCONSCIOUS [sbCNCS], has taken the infamous “jacking for beats” format for use of this mixtape [thus the name “subJAKKK”]. Shalom took beats from various underground hip-hop instrumental producers as well as remixing previously-released songs from underground artists.

Sha’Lil has released this mixtape, as he describes, as a “novelty project” and precursor to his official album, ProLogo:, which is to be tentatively released some time next year.

“Take a tour in the day of the lives of three young men who confront the angst and perils of urban life via inadequate public transportation provided by the city of Atlanta.” – Shalom Little