Shalom Little – MARTA Card – ft. Kaedus, J.R.


The subJAKKK is the debut solo mixtape from Shalom Little [a.k.a. Sha’Lil]. Little, who is a member of the Atlanta hip-hop collective subCONSCIOUS [sbCNCS], has taken the infamous “jacking for beats” format for use of this mixtape [thus the name “subJAKKK”]. Shalom took beats from various underground hip-hop instrumental producers as well as remixing previously-released songs from underground artists.

Sha’Lil has released this mixtape, as he describes, as a “novelty project” and precursor to his official album, ProLogo:, which is to be tentatively released some time next year.

“Take a tour in the day of the lives of three young men who confront the angst and perils of urban life via inadequate public transportation provided by the city of Atlanta.” – Shalom Little