Playaz Circle Vol I – RIMS – feat E-SUN and AC Adil

R.I.M.S – Revolution In Modern Day Society


playazcirclecoverDo you remember when Ludacris was Cris Lova Lova? Do you remember when Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 was 97.5. Did you know 2 Chainz used to be called Tity Boi? Well, that was back in the days and things sure has changed since then. Well a lot of you guys don’t know that the Playaz Circle‘s very first release was actually a compilation album entitled “United We Stand, United We Fall”. This album included Tity Boi & Dolla Boi, Lil Fate & Infamous 20 (From Disturbing Tha Peace), Gorilla Squad, and a list of others. playazc insertThe first single from the album was “R.I.M.S” by E-SUN, AC Adil, L-Dogg, and Jook. Well, over 10 years later, we finally present to you the video for “R.I.M.S” featuring E-SUN and AC Adil. Shout-out to the homies Jook, L-Dogg, Chi, and everyone that contributed to the album!