United Surveilled America

Obama says that he feels that he has not violated personal freedoms, 1st, or 4th Amendment with the Prism program. New laws(the Patriot Act) and state laws (ordinances against sleeping in public parks) are used to trump the Constitution and the rights of the people. The courts tried to use a similar argument(state law against sleeping in the parks, trumps our right to peacefully assemble) when suppressing riots here in America, which they champion in foreign countries, under the threat of military intervention. This same argument of state law trumping federal law could be used to pass marijuana legislation on a state by state case.

Apple says that it received 5,000 data requests from the government last year. This is where the government admits to pouring over call data but not actually call information. These requests can be National Security, helping to assist in a criminal investigation, locating a child, or one of the hundreds of bureaucratic reasons that the government gives to snoop.

Obama knows that some people are uneasy about the programs, but like all political scandals he welcomes a limited political debate where the people still have no power(only bureaucracy can write legislation) .He claims that terrorists attacks have been stopped by the network, but at what costs. He continued a Bush era surveillance program, that steps on the worlds civil rights.

This is a scary program,once you look at it. The government basically controls all phone, internet, and communication data in the world. One rogue person, worker, bureaucrat, hacker, or business has the potential to access all of the worlds secrets at a push of the button. The government has access to all of your videos, private pictures, numbers, and a picture of all of your activities at it’s fingertips. It’s like building a personal data network on each individuals electronic actions, autonomously through a computer program or PRISM. This system could be used for intimidation, trade secret theft, blackmail, and for inside information to play the markets. Oversight on secret programs like this are usually very relaxed, because only a handful know their true purposes.
I am surprised that more people have not expressed more alarm at this program. We are knowingly and unknowingly handing our lives over to the government. The government started the program in secrecy. ,but once we receive the information it is our time to react. The government can essentially act as a gatekeeper of information and steal what information it can from the poor under the disguise of National Security. The government could have access to all of the information on energy, weapons, innovation, and technology by looking for key words in conversations. The pursuit of terrorists and the protection of the USA from future attacks may cost us more than electronic monitoring, it may cost us our intellectual futures.

By: Diallo Burke 6-17-2013

Owner and Ceo of A Green Earth Now www.agreenearthnow.com