Divide and Conquer: Leave Old Friend to the Wolves?


In war, alliances and enemies is everything. The questions at the end of the day: Who is the biggest enemy and what is the end game? America, Israel, Russia, China, N.Korea, Lebanon, Great Britain, and so many other powers are involved in the Syrian War. Players are always being added and new alliances begin to form. Hamas a staunch enemy of Israel and America, former ally of Syria and Hezbollah called for Hezbollah to withdraw its troops. Against it’s own best interests last year Hamas withdrew its backing of Syria.

It essentially threw it’s former ally Assad to Israel in the hopes that it could avoid another conflict with Israel. Hamas wants Hezbollah to keep it’s weapons aimed at Israel, but want’s it to ignore an important advanced weapon lifeline and a proxy Western battlefront. Israel and Western powers are trying to gradually take over the middle east by isolating and destroying enemies. Iraq was targeted in the 90’s but only fell recently. Syria was targeted previously but has allies to fall back on in hard times.

Hezbollah gains by remaining in the war. Syria can more easily transfer weapons to an ally, who it is in direct contact with(i.e. fighting alongside them in war) and it keeps a buffer/enemy of Israel/ally in Syria. This is the same dilemma that the West has in arming rebels, if the arm the rebels then weapons will automatically end up in terrorists hands. If the west supplies inferior weapons, then the rebels will be unable to compete with Assad, but if they supply advance weapons then they open hells gate to potential weapons Al Qaeda can get it’s hands on. The fighting stokes social boundaries between Shiites and Sunnis, but the war has the potential to strengthen political power by obtaining victory. It also gives Hamas  already battle hardened soldiers, more experience on the battlefield.

Hamas would be better off obtaining and strengthening alliances in the region, instead of practicing isolationist military policies. Syria and Hezbollah could be a great alliance to join.

America would also be seen as turning it’s back on fighting terror wherever it is. America would be in fact supporting and arming terrorists in a direct political fight. It has the potential to quickly turn southward like Benzhai and Fast and the Furious. The only problem is that traditional media has seen it coming from a mile away.  The real question is: What is the US  government thinking in arming terrorists and was the US government always the terrorists  we were looking for?

By: Diallo Burke 6-17-2013

Owner and Ceo of A Green Earth Now www.agreenearthnow.com