United Serfdom- Cutting Foodstamps

Protests have been raging in North Carolina and its not Occupy. NAACP’s “Moral Monday’s” has transformed into a movement where hundreds have been handcuffed in the last two months in a show of solidarity for the countries poor. GOP have referenced the bible in their attacks on food stamps and programs for the poor. This has hit a chord in the black and religious bible belt of the south.

Contemporary GOP argue that the por need private charity, jobs, and self reliance instead of government handouts. This ignores the fact that their are a limited amount of wealthy donors(less than usual because of the recession and nearly stagnant recovery) and dollars as the price of living and food continues to skyrocket. GOP also ignore the fact that the jobs market is still recovering slowly, workers wages are at record lows compared to Ceo pay, and the workforce has to compete with a global workforce that can operate at a much cheaper man hour price.

The GOP wants to continue to give bush era tax cuts, while following the age old American policy of cuts to the nearly bankrupt Medicaid program,raise taxes on middle class families, and restrict access to the state run pre-k program. The NAACP has vowed to carry on the protests indefinitely until change is brought. The protesters know that change won’t be immediate, but they vow to continue to fight until the end.

By: Diallo Burke 6-13-2013

Owner and Ceo of A Green Earth Now www.agreenearthnow.com