Taxing the Poor- Cuts to Food Stamps?

I used to be sold on the idea of Obama, Democracy, and the American Dream. This was before I realized what Capitalism and our way of living meant. Capitalism is a system of inequality and a system built on division. It teaches us that we have to work hard, that we have to work to accumulate(super wealthy and super poor), and that it teaches us to value the individual in the hopes of personal success. Capitalism will never be a system for the people, because it is built on the principle that for one person to have, another person must lose.

The Dow has made remarkable returns since the economic downturn, businesses sit on huge stashes of cash, and the parties still disagree on how to fix a floundering U.S. economy as we rake up billions in government debt. Congress now begins on how much to cut from food entitlement programs mainly food stamps. After passing a farm bill that is aimed at protecting growers over the general population, even as the United States and most developed countries continue to produce more food than is consumed.

The bill passed in the Senate 66-27 and now heads to the House. Estimates range from 4 billion over 10 years to 20 billion over 10 years. The people who are supposed to have the best interests of the people decide to cut down on food assistance, during a time when jobs are hard to go by and product price inflation continues to outpace average worker wage growth. This amounts to a slap in the face of the poor as some corporations continue to legally pay no taxes but social programs such as education, food, and assistance for the poor continues to get taxed.

By Diallo Burke 6-10-2013

Owner and Ceo of A Green Earth Now