Assad and Rebels- Enemy of my Enemy?

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri calls for the rebels to unite against Assad and to prevent the United States from creating a Syrian puppet government like Iraq. Al qaeda’s leader calls for rebels to unite for an independent Islamic Syria. He is seen calling for jihad against Assad and Hezbollah in the hopes of setting up Sharia Law. Al qaeda like Assad sees the civil war as a Western ploy for political expansion in Syria. The United States, Israel, and  Western powers risk creating a power vacuum in the Middle East, which could lead to extremism and advanced weapons transfer. This fear has Israel on edge and is the basis behind their preemptive strikes, which have the effect of uniting Syria, Iran, N.Korea, and other powers behind a common enemy. Israel would rather attack a weakened Syria ruled by terrorists than fight another potentially costly war with Syria and potentially Hezbollah/Iran.

The call comes as rebels tried to capture the Golan Heights today(A crossing with parts of Israel occupied Syria), Assad continues to push into strategic areas, and the United States continues to defend its policy on collecting citizens phone data. A part of the Golan Heights, Quneitra,was briefly overrun by rebels before being recaptured by government forces. This has caused Austria to withdraw all of its peacekeepers after a Filipino peacekeeper was hurt. This recent skirmishes near Israel’s border renews fears that Israel will be forced to join the fight.

Assad has also began making pushes in the key cities of Homs and Aleppo in the hopes of dislodging rebels. This offensive is to dislodge the rebels who may have fled Qusair and to keep the already divided rebels on edge. There is little belief in traditional media that Assad and Hezbollah will be as effective as the puppet government in Mali and France.

This comes as the United States chooses to step on the 1st Amendment freedoms of Americans and continues to collect location data, call times, and phone numbers from millions of Verizon users and potentially more. They say that the collection of data which lasts until July is for National Security and is covered under the Patriot Act. This unlawful tapping of American phones has me wondering what else is the administration hiding or doing unlawful in the name of National Security. Hopefully we open our eyes and ears long enough to ask the important questions and demand answers.

By: Diallo Burke 6-6-13

Ceo and Owner of A Green Earth Now