Winner of Battle of Qusair

The first Battle of Qusair in the current Syrian Civil War has been won by Assad’s forces on Wednesday June 5, 2013. Tens of rebel fighters stayed behind in the city to delay Assad’s troops, as a majority of rebels and civilians withdrew in response to Assad’s greater fire power. 100’s were reportedly injured and the United Nations has requested access to treat the wounded.

Rebels reportedly pulled out overnight during a night raid by Assad after two weeks of fighting. Qusair had been under control for a year and like the French intervention in Mali, foreign military aid seemed to turn the tides against homegrown extremist. Qusair was seen as a strategic city and it’s loss to government forces is sure to strengthen Hezbollah’s and Assad’s resolve.

Qusair was seen as a crucial corridor to Homs and Assad’s minority Alawite sect. Qusair was seen as a strategic military location and will be an important bargaining chip for Assad. Qusair’s close proximity to Lebanon, essentially allowed Hezbollah and Assad to trap the rebels in a pincer attack.

This offensive comes as Assad continues to consolidate power by retaking key cities. Assad launched an offensive to retake key cities outside of the capital of Damascus. Battles have been fought in Jobar, as rebels have used it as a place to launch rocket attacks in the city.

By: Diallo Burke

Owner and Ceo of A Green Earth Now