Syrian Civil War continues to heat Up

The Syrian Civil War continues to heat up as Russia continues to block UN resolutions for a cease fire, Assad’s exit, and to supply Syria with advanced weapons systems including the S-300(advanced anti-projectile/aircraft system). This has caused extreme uneasiness on the part of Israel who has carried out multiple military strikes within Syrian territory, repeatedly violated Lebanon’s airspace, and has been seen as a powerful foreign ally to Syrian rebels. Israel has been seen carrying out recent air raid drills as it potentially aims for a preemptive strike on the shipment of S-3oo’s, before they can become operational or fall into the hands of Hezbollah. Hezbollah, the militant wing of Lebanon, recently joined the Syrian war on the side of Assad and has vowed to fight the rebels to the end.

Rocket attacks have recently been fired from Syrian rebels towards parts of Lebanon. These attacks are being carried out by Syrian rebels and local supporters who condemn Hezbollah’s involvement in the civil war. Over the weekend Hezbollah fighters have encircled and killed 17 rebel fighters, who were believed to be part of the recent rocket attacks. This occurs as forces loyal to Assad try to overtake the strategic city of Qusair. This city is close to both Israel and Lebanon and seen as a potential bargaining chip for Assad if recaptured.

The United Nations have repeatedly called . for a cease fire so that aid can be delivered to civilians within Qusair, but Assad says aid will only arrive after the military operation is complete. Assad refuses to negotiate with “Western backed terrorists” and continues to insist that the rebellion is infact a foreign invasion. This combined with attacks from Israel allow for Assad to rally allies against a common Western foe.

by Diallo Burk