Battle of Qusair

I write about the Syrian Civil War from the perspective of a businessman, a fellow military mind, an occupier, and as an American. The Syrian Civil War has raged on for the past 2 years, since March 2011. It has been seen as part of the Arab Spring Protests and has morphed into a sectarian clash of Sunni’s versus Shiites. This plays into President Assad’s, Iran’s, and Hezbollah’s claim that it is a western plot aimed at usurping power in the region. The civil war threatens to envelop the region as Turkey starts to face similar protests over government power, Lebanon aids Assad, Israel continues to interfere in foreign affairs, and foreign arms continue to flow in from everywhere. The Syrian Civil War has been seen as a proxy war between the west and contemporary rebels in Iran, Syria, Russia, and China. The Syrian War also has America and Western powers going against traditional ideals by suggesting that they arm Al Qaeda and other extremist organizations. The fact that arms from Syria were used in the embassy attack on Bengzhai, there has been recent infighting between rebel factions, and rebels have failed to unify under a single leadership hampering Western involvement.


Currently Assad’s troops are engaged in a key battle in the city of Qusair. Rebels are surrounded by 2,000 troops loyal to Assad. Reports claim that 300 mostly women, elderly, and children are in the need of medical attention after the local hospital was destroyed in fighting. Evacuations failed after a convoy carrying wounded was struck by fighting. Security forces say that aid will not be administered until after the rebel presence is eliminated. This is to prevent aid from getting to rebels and to prevent time for the rebels to regroup for an attack. Medicine and oxygen are running low and doctors have been forced to treat the wounded in makeshift hospitals.


Hezbollah, Syria’s ally, has been busy eliminating rogue and aggressive rebel factions near Lebanon.On Monday, Hezbollah forces reportedly intercepted rebel fighters from Lebanon who were headed to join the battle of Qusair. Government and Hezbollah forces have reportedly made gains, as rebels are said to be entrenched in northern and eastern parts of the city. Rebels are outgunned by Assad’s forces, using mostly captured and foreign arms. Israel has been warned by Iraq’s Sunni leadership that it will not allow incursions of its airspace to attack Iran. Iraq, An American ally, is not allied with Israel and claims that it will respond accordingly to violations of its National Sovereignty and airspace.

Sunni Cleric Sheik Maher Hammoud was fired upon in Lebanon in a drive by attempt. His security guards opened fire and neither side was injured. This comes as Hezbollah has been drawn deeper into the Syrian Civil War and has been facing mortar fire from rebel and local extremists.

By: Diallo Burke

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