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Young Dro – F.D.B.

Check out the new video from Atlanta’s own Young Dro entitled F.D.B.

Kendrick Lamar – Live Performance ft. Emeli Sande – Don’t Kill My Vibe

Have you heard the remix to Kendrick Lamar’s Don’t Kill My Vibe featuring Emeli Sande yet? Ole gul can blow! I didn’t expect this remix to be much of a big deal, I was totally wrong about that. Overall, I think Kendrick Lamar is the dopest rapper in the business right now. Check out the live performance at Galapagos Art Space for Creative Allies in New York.

RIP Sharon Benjamin Hodo

image On May 27th 2013, Andre 3000 celebrated his 38th birthday.  Sadly, his mother passed away on that day as well.  Sharon Benjamin Hodo,  the mother of Andre 3000 (OutKast) passed away in her sleep.  During these difficult times we would like to give our condolences to the Benjamin and Hodo family. God Bless!

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless react to racist statement about Tiger Woods

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless react to racist statement about Tiger Woods

Sergio Garcia, professional golfer and Tiger Woods rival was asked at a European Tour awards dinner Tuesday night, would he invite Woods over for dinner during the U.S. Open? Garcia replied:

“We’ll have him round every night,” “We will serve fried chicken.”

Tiger Woods was offended by those racist remarks and so were many Americans both black and white. My favorite duo Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, reporters of ESPN reacted to the remarks. I would like for you to listen to this discuss and feel free to leave a comment below.

2013 NFL Draft Strengths of Kawann Short, DT, Second Round by The Carolina Panthers

2013  NFL Draft Selection- Kawann Short

From the University of Purdue, The Carolina Panthers drafted Kawann Short. Short, a defensive tackle is a good second round pick up for the Panthers. His strengths are his huge wingspan and his ability to bat down passes. He will present a lot of problems for quarterbacks and their entire offense. Kawann is a disciplined and determined team player. It will be interested to see how well he fit into the system in Carolina and hopefully he will blossom as a great player in the NFL.

Goodie Mob – Special Education – ft. Janelle Monae

Goodie Mob is back!!! The new single “Special Education” featuring Janelle Monae sounds like it’s going to be a hit for the summer.

Justin Bieber gets booed at the 2013 Billboard Awards

When Justin Bieber received the “Milestone Award” at the 2013 Billboard Awards, the audience didn’t seem to embrace him very well. In fact, from the moment Ceelo Green read Bieber’s name from the card and during his acceptance speech to the fans on national television, the cheers were over saturated with a massive amount of booing spectators.

The camera men did a great job by only showing footage of the supporting fans during the acceptance speech while Bieber put his foot in his mouth by saying “I’m 19 years old, I think I’m doing a pretty good job….. This is not a gimmick, I’m an artist and I should be taking seriously and all this other bull should not be spoken of”. He really pissed the haters off when he made that statement. The footage is below, check it out and comment below.

Barber and Beauty Shop in East Point – C & G Styles

Barber and Beauty Shop in East Point - C & G Styles

Located at 3124 Washington Rd. East Point, Ga, come visit our shop today!

Skip Bayless says Kevin Durant is not a Superstar – Debate

Skip Bayless goes in on Kevin Durant about not showing up in the Oklahoma Thunder vs Memphis Grizzlies series. He says that it looks like Russell Westbrook is the new sheriff in OKC and he also says that he overestimated Durant for over the past six or seven years. Bayless says that Durant is not a superstar,

“he’s not Michael Jordan, he’s not Magic Johnson, he’s not Kobe he’s not Lebron, he’s not even the Kevin Durant I thought he was”.

Of course Stephen A. Smith got in his ass for making such an unfair statement on the young superstar. Smith totally disagreed with Bayless. I like when these two guys debate on sports. Kevin Durant, are you listening to these guys? Next year is your time to quiet all the critics!

South Fulton – Right Now – Official Video – Youtube

South Fulton – Right Now

What I like most about Atlanta based rap group South Fulton is their strive to be successful. These dudes are always grindin it out. They are constantly promoting events, doing shows, recording new music, networking with good people, and of course, selling their music.

I believe South Fulton has everything they need to operate productively as an independent record company. Even though it is common to measure success by units of sells and popularity, hard work, nice quality and great content will take you to the promise land. Shout out to my potna’s Mr E, D – Bell, and the entire South Fulton Nation. Also, s/o to Terico Harper, I see you dude!!! Check out their new video “Right Now” and support underground rap…..

Mannie Fresh speaks about not being involved in new Big Tymers Album

My question is, Why in the hell would Cash Money put out a Big Tymers album without Mannie Fresh? When I think of Big Tymers, I think of a Mannie Fresh track, a basic but catchy Mannie Fresh verse, a typical Baby verse and a dope Lil Wayne feature. Overall, a nice club banger is what I am expecting to hear from them. To be honest, I think Weezy, Drake and Baby together on a album would be huge for Cash Money and would be much more anticipated than trying to re-do something that has already been done. Check out what Mannie Fresh had to say about it….

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe – Official Video – Youtube

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

Who is Kendrick Lamar? Kendrick Lamar is the hottest rapper in the industry right now. Straight outta Compton, California, Kendrick is the biggest hip hop star to blow from the west coast since Game. In October 2012 he released an album entitled good kid, m.A.A.d city, which is now certified Gold and considered a classic to many hip hop listeners.

After releasing dope singles such as “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and “Poetic Justice”, Kendrick released the video to the third single entitled “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”. The remix to this song featuring Jay Z is already on heavy rotation in Atlanta and has been for over two months now. Until he drop a video for the remix, enjoy the footage below and make sure to comment as well.

VIP Vixxxens of Atlanta – Nikki Novelty

VIP Vixxxens of Atlanta – Nikki Novelty

Introducing Nikki also know as Nikki Novelty. Coming from a military background, she knows how to stand her ground. Living in Atlanta for eight years where dreams come true you can see her in Future video “Ain’t No Way Around It”. She also appeared in Baby D video “Never Done” and Lil Hollywood ft Lil Wayne “Hot Shitt”. She is a big supporter of the March of Dimes. Her hobbies are skating, bowling, watching football, reading inspiring books. Nikki Novelty is a business women first so if it don’t make dollars it don’t make cents. Her favorite quote is “get rich or die trying”.
Like us on Facebook at VIP Vixxens of Atlanta, Follow us on Twitter at @VIPVixxxens

Happy Mothers Day – Dear Mama – by 2Pac

Happy Mothers Day – Dear Mama – by 2Pac

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, cherish this special day and acknowledge the person that brought you into this world. Put aside the anger (if there’s any) and replace it with love. If there is nothing but love for her, make sure you express it today with at least simple phone call or visit. Sometimes the smallest things mean so much. Happy Mothers Day to all of the lovely, caring mothers living and dead.

Check out one of my favorite mother songs by the late 2Pac Shakir entitled “Dear Moma”.

Calling All Rappers, Singers, Models

Calling All Rappers, Singers, Models

Exclusive interview with Atlanta’s own DJ Jelly at Club Milo’s
Calling all rappers, singers, models, producers, promoters, etc, if you want to be featured on The Martacard Report email us your press kit to promoter@martacard.com. This would be a great opportunity to promote your new mix-tape, video, photo shoot, etc. for free. We also have space available in our premium section for as low as $25. What are you waiting for? Email us today!!! Also follow us on Twitter @Martacardreport

VIP Vixxxens of Atlanta – Santonia aka Ginger

VIP Vixxxens of Atlanta – Santonia aka Ginger

The Martacard Report has exclusive access to a lovely group of ladies in Atlanta that are currently filming a new reality show soon to hit the networks. The ladies are known as VIP Vixxxens of Atlanta and we are starting a series of post spotlighting this group of ladies.
Hello my nameVIP-PHOTO-MARCH 083 is Santonia aka Ginger. I am a 28 year old sexy queen from Atlanta, GA.I have an 11 year old son and he’s my king. I am a sweetheart until you push my button, then all hell will break loose. I used to work as a exotic dancer, but I stopped two years ago. Today I have my own business, I am a make-up artist. I love money, shopping with my girls, dinner and a movie with that special someone (when that time comes along lol). Most of all, I love to give back to the community and share the love and blessings that were given to me. Helping others is what I do and that’s the life of Ms Ginger aka Boss Lady. Following my dreams and goals!! Like us on Facebook at VIP Vixxens of Atlanta, Follow us on Twitter at @VIPVixxxens

R.I.P. Chris Kelly of Kris Kross

R.I.P. Chris Kelly of Kris Kross

image courtesy of cnn.com

image courtesy of cnn.com

I remember spring break 1991, me and my cousin Dee was in Daytona Beach, FL. reppin the ATL real hard. At the time we both weighed about 120lbs and we rock’d baseball gear, different teams tho. We walked the strip holla’n at gulz, drinkin, smoking, taking pics and the whole nine. All we heard bumpin throughout the entire weekend was Kris Kross. People don’t remember how big that group was back in the early 90’s. One thing I hate about the hip hop culture and the urban community is, we don’t pay homage to our artist from back in the day. As a whole, we only embrace what’s hot at the moment. Once the buzz goes down and the next trend and big star arrives, we leave the old stuff behind and seldom look back. R.I.P. Chris Kelly aka Mac Daddy! Live In Paradise my friend. S/O to Chris Smith aka Daddy Mac, Jermaine Dupri, and the whole So So Def team. Also S/O to Facebook friend LaSonya W. for the 411! Below is Kris Kross last big performance on stage together at the So So Def All Star 20th Year Anniversary Concert

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