Freddie Gibbs recalls Michael Jackson returning to his hometown Gary, Indiana; seeing killas and thugs fainting (cartoon footage)

This has to be one of the funniest Michael Jackson stories ever told in rap history. We all know that Michael Jackson and the rest of the Jackson’s were natives of Gary, Indiana before signing to Berry Gordy’s infamous Motown Records; joining the likes of famous singers, musicians and songwriters such as Diana Ross & The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Gladys Knight to name a few. After Michael and the Jackson’s career took off, they eventually moved to California and began living that Hollywood showbiz life. Michael left Gordy’s Motown label for Epic Records to which he released Off The Wall and Thriller, and eventually ended up becoming the greatest entertainer of all time. Years prior to Michael’s untimely death, he took a trip back to his hometown, Gary, Indiana. It was the happiest day on earth for the people of Gary.
Freddie Gibbs 2

Rapper Freddie Gibbs tells the story of MJ’s hometown visit to which fans were thrilled to see the King of Pop. He mentioned Michael stopping by KFC, ordering all of the chicken via drive-through and people being pissed off because there was no more chicken left. The funniest thing he mentioned though, was seeing THUGS crying and KILLAS fainting because they were so happy to see Michael Jackson. LMBO!

Shouts out to Freddie Gibbs for dropping this exclusive cartoon about Michael Jackson’s visit back to Gary, Indiana.

See video below.