exclusive interview w/ former Aftermath Entertainment artist, Bishop Lamont


I had the wonderful privilege to chop game with the bigg homie Bishop Lamont, representing Carson, California. Lamont was once signed to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment label and is now an independent artist and CEO of Diocese Records. His latest street album, The Layover features a slew of artists from both the West and East coast, such as Focus, Raekwon the Chef (Wu Tang Clan), Planet Asia, and former Ruff Ryder affiliate, DMX to name a few. Prior to the 2012 reelection of the United States of America’s president, Barack Obama, Lamont with a comedic twist, went in on former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, stating how things would have gotten messed up if he was voted president. The brother is definitely prolific and indeed one of the most UNDERRATED eMcees in hip hop, let along the West Coast, which has been overshadowed by gangsta rapper music since it’s start nearly 30 years ago. He enlightened me on some profound things, including the current start of hip hop as well as the meaning behind some of his previous materials; Hallelujah, ft. Xzibit being one of them. He also broke name the meaning of a word that he considers more powerful and derogative than the ‘N’ word. In this near 16 minute phone recorded interview, you’ll get to hear the Bishop Lamont you’ve always wanted to know. YA DIGGGG!

Check out Bigg Run P’s exclusive interview w/ Bishop Lamont below.