Freddie Gibbs recalls Michael Jackson returning to his hometown Gary, Indiana; seeing killas and thugs fainting (cartoon footage)

This has to be one of the funniest Michael Jackson stories ever told in rap history. We all know that Michael Jackson and the rest of the Jackson’s were natives of Gary, Indiana before signing to Berry Gordy’s infamous Motown Records; joining the likes of famous singers, musicians and songwriters such as Diana Ross & The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Gladys Knight to name a few. After Michael and the Jackson’s career took off, they eventually moved to California and began living that Hollywood showbiz life. Michael left Gordy’s Motown label for Epic Records to which he released Off The Wall and Thriller, and eventually ended up becoming the greatest entertainer of all time. Years prior to Michael’s untimely death, he took a trip back to his hometown, Gary, Indiana. It was the happiest day on earth for the people of Gary.
Freddie Gibbs 2

Rapper Freddie Gibbs tells the story of MJ’s hometown visit to which fans were thrilled to see the King of Pop. He mentioned Michael stopping by KFC, ordering all of the chicken via drive-through and people being pissed off because there was no more chicken left. The funniest thing he mentioned though, was seeing THUGS crying and KILLAS fainting because they were so happy to see Michael Jackson. LMBO!

Shouts out to Freddie Gibbs for dropping this exclusive cartoon about Michael Jackson’s visit back to Gary, Indiana.

See video below.

What does a Suge Knight and Snoop Lion reconciliation mean?

Snoop-and-Suge-Knight-600x600 - CopyWell surely you’ve all heard by now the BREAKING NEWS regarding the reconciliation of one time partners, Suge Knight and Snoop Lion aka/formerly known as Snoop D-O-double G, who started his music career via Knight and former partner Dr. Dre’s then label, Death Row Records imprint. Clearly it’s the most surprising reconciliation ever to date in music and hip hop history, topping the once heavy beef that was squashed by the two Kings of New York, Nas and Jay Z, as the Jigga Man stunned the crowd on the set of his “I Declare War” concert(1995) in East Rutherford , NJ when saying these words, “Let’s Go Esco”, to which the Queensbridge eMCee joined him on stage. Not many music moguls can celebrate a reunion or reconciliation as egos are way too heavy, especially in hip hop. In the words of Sleepy Brown “Cuz everybody wants to be a tough guy”. Another reason is that either one of both artists, crews, etc. are now deceased, some in tragic situations before there could ever be an official reunion. And another serious issue is MONEY. Many artists are enslaved to their labels and any association or reunion with a former comrade, according the label, ruins the possibility to make more money. So for that matter, those artists tends to ride for their label, bearing the pain of not being able to reconnect with their old homies again.

As for the case with Suge and Snoop, who’s long period infamous beef didn’t end with neither of them getting killed, THANK GOD; what happens next? What does their reunion mean to all whom stood by either or both throughout the last 16/17 years of the two being at odds? What are people saying about Suge? What are they saying about Snoop? For many, Suge is one of the most feared men on the face of the earth, while Snoop on the other hand, is the world’s favorite UNCLE, can do whatever he wants, including CHANGING HIS NAME (see Snoop Lion) and no one will trip. What does this mean for Snoop’s relationship with is mentor Dr. Dre and Tha Dogg Pound? What does this mean for the Bloods & Crips street gang? Snoop and Suge

Regardless whether it has any meaning or not, PEACE is BETTER THAN WAR. Hey, they may never become the best of friends again. However, they both can exhale. To give meaning to their reconciliation, it’s their business and they don’t have to answer to anyone for that matter. Was it a none gangster move for them to PEACE UP? Naw, what it did was SOLIDIFY what it means to be gangster. And at the end of the day, BEEFING DOES NOTHING BUT WASTE TIME!. So what happens next between the two? Guessing we’ll have to wait and see. Yet in the meantime, SALUTE to Suge Knight and Snoop Lion for being “G” about it.

Word Wars Freestyle Battle – Mudnoc Studio

Tonight at Metropolitan Lofts in the Westend of Atlanta, Ga there will be an event you gotta come see. Word Wars Freestyle Battle is on!!!!! If you think you are the dopest emcee in the city and you got bars, come up to Mudnoc Studio and win this $250 cash prize. Hot 107.9 freestyle champion Reggie P will be in the building. He is ready to smash anybody on site for even thinking about challenging has throne.