New Orleans Bounce Music & Sissy Bounce (B.E.A.T. short documentary) featuring producer Mannie Fresh

Bounce Music will be the rebirth of hip hop because it’s really just like raw beat in response – Mannie Fresh

Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby, Katey Red!

If the pioneers of hip hop want to keep its community conservative, then they have much more to be concerned about than rappers wearing skinny jeans, kilts, and gangsters on skate boards. There’s a new movement elevating, called Bounce Music, originated from the streets and clubs of New Orleans. However, bounce music has a more liberal touch than commercial hip hop music, being that it’s big in the gay community as well as in the ghetto streets of the N.O. A short documentary entitled The B.E.A.T. focuses on the non-discriminatory essence of bounce music in New Orleans, putting it on the same level of commercial hip hop. In the gay community, it has coined the nickname “Sissy Bounce”. This short documentary features well renown New Orleans hip hop producer and ex-Cash Money Millionaire Hot Boyz member Mannie Fresh discussing bounce music

Check out The B.E.A.T., a short documentary about Bounce Music below.