Professor Cornel West upset at President Obama for putting his hand on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Bible while taking the oath at his second inauguration for United States presidency

Cornel West

President Obama just can’t get a break. From congress, the senate, republicans, common people and leaders in the black community to name a few, everyone seems to be going in on President Barack Obama. One of them is professor, orator and author, Dr. Cornel West, who’s upset that the president placed his hands on the Bible of the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while taking the oath during the inauguration of his second term for United States presidency. Cornel West said that the people of Dr. King shouldn’t be played with; the people who stand for liberty, truth and justice. He said it’s ok to put his hand on a Bible, but when it’s “Martin’s Bible”, it’s a little bit personal for him.

Do you think Professor Cornel West should be angry at President Barack Obama for using the Bible of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to take his presidential oath?

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