Dick Gregory calls Spike Lee a THUG and a PUNK!

Dick Gregory (2)

Film maker Spike Lee has been in the hot seat lately. Everyone he’s targeted has been mostly silence in their response to Lee. However, activist/actor, Dick Gregory basically said Spike needs to shut the hell up. As we know, Lee’s latest rant came with his displeasure of the infamous N-word usage surround Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ film, calling the movie disrespectful and if he were to see the phone, it would be a dishonor to his ancestors. Gregory in response, targeting Spike Lee’s X film, a movie about the little of the late Nation of Islam speaker, Malcom X, said that Lee put Malcolm in a zoot suit, but wasn’t that a dishonor to the ancestors? He also said that Lee is acting like he’s WHITE! 80 years old and still got it. By the way, isn’t Mr. Gregory infamous for the term ‘booty call?’

Check out Dick Gregory’s interview about Spike Lee below.