DJango Unchained director PUBLICLY DROPS N-BOMB

Quentin Tarantino

If making the DJango film wasn’t daring enough, how about dropping the N-Bomb in public? That’s what film maker Quentin Tarantino did. And we’re not referring to a person’s name. However, this particular N-word seems to be the nickname that many Caucasians have for blacks as well as what many blacks have for one another. It has grown from a name fitting for a single race of dark pigmented person, to a name that seems be university popular and in some ways HIP to say. This days, though still controversial, a Caucasian person won’t get punched in the mouth for saying it. Or will they.

“They think I should soften it, that I should lie, that I should massage.” Tarantino said, referring to writers and filmmakers such as Spike Lee, who have criticized his use of the slur in the film. The film’s setting of 1860 antebellum south, he said, made that impossible, as did his artistic integrity. “I would never do that when it comes to my characters,” the director added. (The Hollywood Reporter)

What’s your opinion about Quentin Tarantino’s usage of the N-Word? WATCH this recent video of Quentin Tarantino with MTV’s Sway Calloway discussing the use of the N-Word in Django Unchained.