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New Orleans Bounce Music & Sissy Bounce (B.E.A.T. short documentary) featuring producer Mannie Fresh

Bounce Music will be the rebirth of hip hop because it’s really just like raw beat in response – Mannie Fresh

Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby, Katey Red!

If the pioneers of hip hop want to keep its community conservative, then they have much more to be concerned about than rappers wearing skinny jeans, kilts, and gangsters on skate boards. There’s a new movement elevating, called Bounce Music, originated from the streets and clubs of New Orleans. However, bounce music has a more liberal touch than commercial hip hop music, being that it’s big in the gay community as well as in the ghetto streets of the N.O. A short documentary entitled The B.E.A.T. focuses on the non-discriminatory essence of bounce music in New Orleans, putting it on the same level of commercial hip hop. In the gay community, it has coined the nickname “Sissy Bounce”. This short documentary features well renown New Orleans hip hop producer and ex-Cash Money Millionaire Hot Boyz member Mannie Fresh discussing bounce music

Check out The B.E.A.T., a short documentary about Bounce Music below.

The Best Pep Talk Ever! And it’s from a KID!

Kid President

Was just telling someone the other day that we (adults) could learn a lot from kids. Aside from the level of education, kids make better teachers. For instance, I’m sure many of you are aware of internet sensation, and no, not PSY Gangnam Style. But Kid President. Kid President is back, giving America a pep talk and quite frankly, it’s the best pep talk ever. It’s not long winded. It’s about 3 minutes 32 seconds straight to the chase truth this young fellow is coming with. Thanks to Rainn Wilson and his son’s soulpancake.com website for giving us this needed pep talk.

Check out Kid President giving the greatest 3 minutes 32 seconds Pep Ever in HISTORY!

“Suit & Tie”- Justin Timberlake ft Jay-Z (Official Video)

A few weeks after announcing his return to music, with his upcoming The 20/20 Experience album, and releasing the first single, Suit & Tie featuring Jay-z, Justin Timberlake releases the accompanying first video. The video is missing Mr. Carter but the visual is dope nevertheless. Combining the black and white theme with the lyric video theme was an innovative twist on both old ideas. Very smooth and creative. I guess Mr. Timberlake is gonna show you a few thangs….show a few things….

Screwdriver – Prince

video removed by owner, sorry!

Prince Rogers Nelson. THE legendary Prince, formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, has just released his newest track. The 54 year old musician/composer/arranger/songwriter/producer/actor has released this shortly after news that he’ll be on the cover of Billboards’ next issue. The lyric video above matches the track that sticks to his classic sound of rock & roll and 80s induced melodies. Enjoy one from a legend yall…

Memories Back Then – T.I. ft B.O.B., Kendrick Lamar, & Kris Stephens

Memories Back Then – T.I. ft B.O.B., Kendrick Lamar, & Kris Stephens


Fresh off the release of his eighth studio album, Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head, Tip releases one of the tracks that didn’t make the final cut. He enlisted fellow Grand Hustle employee B.O.B and the West Coast newcomer Kendrick Lamar to help tackle this storytelling cut. The trio all tackle a story of a female they knew in their past and what has come to them presently. Every man in their 20s and above can relate to one of these stories…

Never Never – Wale

Never Never – Wale

Wale releases a new video from his mix tape, Folarin, that was released this past Christmas break. The video consists of Wale in various spots in the DC metropolitan area. Being a former Howard U student, I know how rough Garfield Terrace was. He also shows off his footwork which he is known for. I like the track’s boom map sound that brings an emphasis to his lyricism. Smooth track…

Professor Cornel West upset at President Obama for putting his hand on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Bible while taking the oath at his second inauguration for United States presidency

Cornel West

President Obama just can’t get a break. From congress, the senate, republicans, common people and leaders in the black community to name a few, everyone seems to be going in on President Barack Obama. One of them is professor, orator and author, Dr. Cornel West, who’s upset that the president placed his hands on the Bible of the late civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while taking the oath during the inauguration of his second term for United States presidency. Cornel West said that the people of Dr. King shouldn’t be played with; the people who stand for liberty, truth and justice. He said it’s ok to put his hand on a Bible, but when it’s “Martin’s Bible”, it’s a little bit personal for him.

Do you think Professor Cornel West should be angry at President Barack Obama for using the Bible of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to take his presidential oath?

video removed by owner, sorry!

Consequence airs out Kanye West & baby mama Kim Kardashian says Kim was cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye

consequence (1)

I’d hate to be friends turn enemies with Consequence right now. He’d tell all of my dirt. LOL! That’s exactly what he did on Power 105.1 the Breakfast Club as he and his wifey, Jen The Pen (Love & Hip Hop, VH1) aired out former homeboy Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s dirty little fling secret, stating that both were kicking it doing the days of Kim K and ex boyfriend/NFL player Reggie Bush. They stated that it’s a secret that only they knew. Quence says he flipped the script because Ye didn’t send a congratulations to he and Jen’s newborn.

“And that’s why I flipped [because he didn’t send a congratulations for my newborn]. I didn’t even want no bread, my thing was — [DJ] Envy, that’s like, [DJ] Clue knowing you’re having a baby and y’all have a discrepancy and honestly, he owe ‘you’ money. First off, he doesn’t want to give you your bread. ….” (“The Breakfast Club”)

WOW! Whether it’s true or not, what’s your take on it? Did Quence do the big no no despite his falling out with Ye?

See the video below.

video removed by owner, sorry!

Illuminate – Ab-Soul ft Kendrick Lamar

Illuminate – Ab-Soul ft Kendrick Lamar

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Ab-Soul has barsssss. His independent album, Control System, was arguably one of the most underrated projects of 2012. of the standout tracks was the lyrical trading of bars with his TDE brethren, Kendrick Lamar. This visual is as creative as they come. Enjoy…

School tells student to get a breast reduction


It’s not okay for anyone to get teased but is it okay for school officials to tell a student to get a breast reduction if she no longer wants to get bullied by other students? Should a person reshape their life just to appease others? Quite frankly, most kids in middle school don’t stay connected with one another after going to high schools. And usually friendships change. As the parent of this 13 year old girl whose victim of bullying by her classmates for having large breasts, surely many parents would be upset to hear that, yet would be more upset that the school isn’t taking greater measures to protect this kid.

See parent speak out about her daughter being the victim of bullying at her school because of her large breasts.

ATown (Remix) – Cyhi Da Prynce ft 2 Chainz, B.O.B. & Travis Porter

video removed by owner, sorry!

A day before the 2013 NFC Championship, Cyhi Da Prynce enlists fellow Georgians 2 Chainz, B.O.B., & Travis Porter to remix his ATown single from his Ivy League mixtape. Hopefully, them Dirty Birds listen to this and get as hype as everyone in the city is right now…

Tight – Go Together – Video Shoot

Tight – Go Together – behind the scenes footage

Recently, E-SUN was invited to the “Go Together” video shoot by Tight The Main Attraction a.k.a. Buddy Jones featuring Young Scooter. It was a great experience, so many beautiful models and plenty of alcohol. The location was Metropolitan Lofts in the West End community of Atlanta, Ga. During the video shoot, I had a chance to speak with Tight about the mix-tape entitled Money Power and Pleasure. s/o to MG Films, Ed Ex, and Terry Milla.

For more on Tight, click here

Mad TV’s Aries Spears disses 2 Chainz: “If you want to be different, show up in a horse & buggy!”


A lot dissing has been going on in 2012 and it’s not stopping here in 2013. First it was activist Dick Gregory hammering film director Spike Lee. Now it’s comedian Aries Spears (Mad TV) clowning Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz. When approached by a TMZ paparazzi asking the question if rap is as good as before, the first thing he said was “I think 2 Chainz SUCK” before going extra in on his music, clowning Chainz hit single, I’m Different. Man, did Chainz ever do anything to offend Spears? Will there even be a response.

Check out Aries Spears GOING IN on 2 Chainz.

Dick Gregory calls Spike Lee a THUG and a PUNK!

Dick Gregory (2)

Film maker Spike Lee has been in the hot seat lately. Everyone he’s targeted has been mostly silence in their response to Lee. However, activist/actor, Dick Gregory basically said Spike needs to shut the hell up. As we know, Lee’s latest rant came with his displeasure of the infamous N-word usage surround Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ film, calling the movie disrespectful and if he were to see the phone, it would be a dishonor to his ancestors. Gregory in response, targeting Spike Lee’s X film, a movie about the little of the late Nation of Islam speaker, Malcom X, said that Lee put Malcolm in a zoot suit, but wasn’t that a dishonor to the ancestors? He also said that Lee is acting like he’s WHITE! 80 years old and still got it. By the way, isn’t Mr. Gregory infamous for the term ‘booty call?’

Check out Dick Gregory’s interview about Spike Lee below.

Online Freestyle Competition – Beast of the Week


Online Freestyle Competition – Freestyle Mondays

Do you know how to freestyle? Are you ready for battle? Bigg Run P and E-SUN are ready to hear you spit! Calling all rappers, freestylers, wanna be rappers! Emcees, Femcees, whatever, submit your best top of the dome rhyme to us and compete for Freestyle Beast Of The Week.
How do I enter? First you need an instrumental. Find any beat/instrumental of your choice. Record your freestyle using a web-cam, video camera, or camera phone, and upload the video to Youtube or any other video site. Send us the url or embed code to promoter@martacard.com. Follow @MartacardReport on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

DJango Unchained director PUBLICLY DROPS N-BOMB

Quentin Tarantino

If making the DJango film wasn’t daring enough, how about dropping the N-Bomb in public? That’s what film maker Quentin Tarantino did. And we’re not referring to a person’s name. However, this particular N-word seems to be the nickname that many Caucasians have for blacks as well as what many blacks have for one another. It has grown from a name fitting for a single race of dark pigmented person, to a name that seems be university popular and in some ways HIP to say. This days, though still controversial, a Caucasian person won’t get punched in the mouth for saying it. Or will they.

“They think I should soften it, that I should lie, that I should massage.” Tarantino said, referring to writers and filmmakers such as Spike Lee, who have criticized his use of the slur in the film. The film’s setting of 1860 antebellum south, he said, made that impossible, as did his artistic integrity. “I would never do that when it comes to my characters,” the director added. (The Hollywood Reporter)

What’s your opinion about Quentin Tarantino’s usage of the N-Word? WATCH this recent video of Quentin Tarantino with MTV’s Sway Calloway discussing the use of the N-Word in Django Unchained.

Jay Z brings back Justin Timberlake (audio)

Justin Tim

It’s been a long time since the Nsync frontman, Justin Timberlake dropped a solo record. But here in 2013, and it seems that the kid is back with a new single, Suit and Tie. It appears he’s letting us know that he’s back and on his grown man, as he starts off the song crooning, “I be on my suit and tie ish”, as the beat drags in a Texas chopped and screwed fashion before speeding up a little for J.T. to rock out the melody in a Mayer Hawthorne type swag because Mr. Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter kicks his flow back down to the Texas chopped and screwed fashion. Both men are on their Suit & Tie ish. Both married to a hot chick. One wonder they’re on their Suit & Tie ish.

Check out Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z

Matt Bryant Kicks Game Winning Field Goal – Falcons Advance

Matt Bryant Kicks Game Winning Field Goal – Falcons Advance

This game was not suppose to be a nail biter especially if you are a Atlanta Falcons fan like myself. I was impressed with how well the team played for the first three quarters of the game. Going into the fourth quarter and up 20 points, everything seemed to fall apart. The Falcons turned the ball over at a critical moment and put their Superbowl dreams in jeopardy. Thankfully, Matt Bryant was able to sink the 49 yard FG with only 8 seconds left in the game. For the recap, visit www.espn.com

Pink Matter REMIX – Frank Ocean ft Outkast


The Atown legend and 1/2 of the almighty OutKast, Big Boi, has decided to add a verse to ‘Pink Matter’ off of Frank Ocean’s critically acclaimed 2012 debut, Channel Orange. The track, which features the other half of Outkast Andre 3000, was reportedly supposed to feature both members in the original version. Andre 3000 reportedly begged against it because he wanted the next song featuring both members to be a ‘proper’ Outkast song. I know that Big Boi’s new verse won’t bother too many fans as it seems this is the closet we’ll get to a proper Outkast release in the near future. SouFside, East Point, fellow TCHS alums standup…everyone else enjoy…

Frank Ocean recruits Big Boi for Pink Matter remix with Andre 3000 (audio)


Woke up this morning to an Outkast record. Well, sort of. It was the remix to Frank Ocean’s Pink Matter joint, which originally features 1/2 of Outkast, Andre 3000. However, this remix brings out the other half, Big Boi aka Daddy Fat Sacks, as many of us Atliens know him from his Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik days. Like many Outkast fans, I was ampt about the joint. Is it befitting to call this a hint to an Outkast reunion? Or was this anxiety based on Big Boi’s behalf? How does 3000 feel about this? Either way, it’s good to hear both Big and Dre on a track together. This definitely gets the barber shop talking on again.

Check out Frnak Ocean’s Pink Matter remix ft. Big Boi & Andre 3000 (Outkast).

“Nuclear”- Destiny’s Child (produced by Pharrell)


A day after it was announced that Beyonce Knowles led R&B group, Destiny’s Child, were releasing a new album, Love Songs, they released the bonus track. The track is produced by super producer Pharrell, of Neptunes and N.E.R.D. fame. The song features silky smooth vocals from Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle with lyrics about a couple who are unique alone but find great chemistry together. The backdrop is reminiscent of late 80s/early 90s R&B dance tracks. Their fans may find this first single to be slower than expected but I believe it will grow on them…and everyone else…I mean, it is Beyonce…

Atlanta Falcon [Fan] -O-Maniacs

Greetings Atlanta Falcon [Fan]-O-Maniacs

Guest Post by Joseph Smith


Greetings, my name is Joseph Smith with Fan-O-Maniacs the #1 Brand for the Fan! We created a Falcon Fan-O-Maniac Riseup/REMIX Song that’s “ear friendly and catchy” for all ages! We wanted to make everyone aware especially our city transplants, that we are true falcon fans that love ‘our birds’ and we’re going to stick with them like “grits in a pot.”

We wanted to raise the fan passion level for in the A.T.L. by creating the Falcons Fan-O-Maniac RISEUP REMIX Song. Again, we feel its a great song that’s “ear friendly and catchy” for all ages! RISEUP ATLANTA and play it LOUD and be PROUD! SEE YOU AT THE DOME or at sports bar near you!

Falcon Fan-O-Maniac RISEUP/REMIX is available on ITUNES & MYSPACE MUSIC and coming soon to other digital stores…
Search: Falcon Fan O Maniacs
Price: $.99

Thanks for your Support!

Destiny’s Child reuniting for new album

Destiny’s Child releasing new music 

After a nearly decade long hiatus, Destiny’s Child is releasing an album. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams are preparing to release their 14-track Love Songs project on Jan. 22. The new LP will feature thirteen of Destiny’s Child’s most popular ballads and one new song “Nuclear” featuring Pharrell Williams.

Early Thursday, Jan. 10 several Beyoncé fan sites like BeyonceLite got wind of the new project.

Prior to the Love Songs news, Beyoncé made headlines for her full spread in GQ magazine. In her interview with the publication, the wife, mother and singer detailed her time in the spotlight and her need to perform. “I love my job, but it’s more than that: I need it,” said Beyoncé. “Because before I gave birth, it was the only time in my life, all throughout my life, that I was lost. […] “It’s like a blackout. When I’m onstage, I don’t know what the crap happens. I am gone.”

Is Nas and ex-wife dipping again?


The hip hop world was extremely happy when what many call the God MC aka Nas and pop sensation Kelis tied the knot back in 2003. Yet when the divorce was publicized in 2009, hearts were broken. So was Nas. On the contrary, Nas and his now ex-wife have been seen together a lot recently, making fans curious to what’s going on with those two. Are they back together? Is it for the love of their son? What’s really going on?

The Queens MC set down with Hot 97 FM and gave the 411 regarding he and his baby momma. She say that her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, so is Nas going back?

Check out Nas’ interview on Hot 97FM.

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