Complex Magazine names Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Meagan Good, and Gabrielle Union #1 in their The 25 Sexiest Sisters In Movies feature


Remember the 2003 African American comedy film Deliver Us From Eva, which evolved around LL Cool J’s character, Ray, a master player, being paid to date a troublesome young lady named Eva, played by Gabrielle Union? And do you know about Complex Magazine, which was founded in 2002 by Marc Ecko? Just incase you don’t remember either or neither, it’s a must that you find much out about both the movie and the magazine due to some awesome news, perhaps for the fellas. The film had some of the hottest women in Hollywood if you ask me. What I mean is that they all being together in one film made them even hottest. Guess it was hot enough for Josh Robertson over at to give them the number 1 spot in his The Sexiest Sisters in Film feature. And they are Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Meagan Good, and Gabrielle Union. One can argue, yet can’t deny that those are some bad women right there, on and off film. Could you imagine in real life if they were blood related siblings? That would be DANGEROUS. Personally, the movie itself was alright back then. Maybe wouldn’t be as funny to me now. However, I could watch it with the volume muted. It’ll be for a worthy cause.

Is Kendrick Lamar the future of hip-hop

Is Kendrick Lamar the future of hip-hop

Even though the cost of hearing aids may not be a concern for me today, blasting Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, MAAD City album on Dr Dre Headphones may cause hearing problems in the near future. Just joking, but dude is a lyrical genius if you ask me. Compared to artist such as Nas and Andre 3000, is Kendrick Lamar the future of hip-hop? What do you think? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment on this one. Your opinion counts!

Ma$e is now a free agent. Will he join Big Sean at Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label?

“I’ve been in that contract for 16 years,” he explained. “Yeah, the other day he let me out of it, so big shout-outs to Diddy. I guess he woke up feeling good and he wanted to do something good.” – Ma$e speaking about Sean P. Diddy Combs

masonbigsean The off and sometimes on again rapper, Ma$e is now a free agent after Bad Boy CEO Sean P. Diddy Combs as finally released the Harlem rapper from his contract with the label after 16 long years.The off and sometimes on again rapper, Ma$e is now a free agent after Bad Boy CEO Sean P. Diddy Combs as finally released the Harlem rapper from his contract with the label after 16 long years.

Well that was good, and it makes you wonder why Diddy kept the guy in the contract for so long? I mean he was his (Diddy) prized package since the unfortunate death of the late great Notorious B.I.G. So yeah, go figure! But anyway, both can move on now. But now that Ma$e is free, will he sign with Kanye? He did with Ye on the G.O.O.D. Music ‘s Cruel Summer compilation project. He does admire Yeezy’s work ethic as well as the creative space he gives his artists. Perhaps in today’s era of hip hop and Ma$e’s style, G.O.O.D. Music may well be the place for the Harlem emCee.

Check out this RapFix interview w/ Ma$e being interviewed by MTV’s own Sway Calloway.

Is Rick Ross 2 Pac’ing?

I got shot 5 times but I’m still breathing Living proof there’s a God – if you need a reason. – 2Pac – Letter To My Unborn Child

No Rick Ross didn’t get shot and God forbid it happens. But is the BOSS TALK too much to which it could make him a target for hoodlums? Ross had tour to which he then cancelled. He says it was do to an due with a promoter. Yet it’s rumored that it was because of death threats by members of a southside Chicago street gang that goes by the name Gangster Disciples.

In response to the death threat talk, the MMG rapper and CEO stated that he’s a certified man, a real boss and this is something that everybody needs to understand. Could those words right there get the bawse, as he pronounces it, tested? God forbid.

Tight – Keep It 100 (Money, Power, Pleasure) Mixtape

Tight – Keep It 100 (Money, Power, Pleasure) Mix-tape

Tight The Main Attraction is back with a new mix-tape entitled “Money, Power, Pleasure”. The Decatur native has 15 bangin tracks including features from artist such as Future, Wiz Khalifa, Rocko, and more. To listen to the mix-tape or download it, click here. Check out the video below, single called “Keep It 100”. Follow Tight on Twitter TightZone6

Mothers file lawsuit against South Fulton Hospital for death of 4 babies

Mothers file lawsuit against South Fulton Hospital for death of 4 babies

While at home looking for another article to share with you guys -with my old MacBook at my french bistro table– I received a call from a good friend of mine. So now you’re getting an earlier scoop of news before it hits the air (assuming you’ve read this before tonight). Neglect by doctors at South Fulton Hospital turns into the death of 4 babies and the fifth injured. Now the mothers of the deceased babies have decided to sue the hospital.

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by Jacori

CNN reports Black In America. What does that mean?

Race and ethnicity has always been a complex matter, especially regarding people of color, or BLACKNESS. There’s still that one percent factor. In other words, if there’s even a “pinch” of black blood in your DNA then you’re black. A huge factor during the African slave trade and still exist in modern society. Positive or negative? If looking at the current American president, Barack Obama, then POSITIVE, or NEGATIVE, via perception (good or bad), pride and prejudice. How about American professional golfer, Tiger Woods, who refers to his ethnic make-up as “Cablinasian” due to the mixed ancestry of his parents? When millions look at him, they see a black man. Well, not until his recent publicized scandal regarding an extra marital affair. Identification is in the number 1’s of problems regarding how people view themselves and others. Could there ever be one answer to define this matter?

Watch reporter Soledad O’brien “Who Is Black in America?” on CNN 8pm ET/PT Sunday, December 15th.

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