Things that Shouldn’t be in style in 2013?

2012 has been a great year. I’ll call it the year of experimenting, whether fashion brands, trends, and other little random things. Some good, some bad, as well as things that made us be like WHAT THE @#$%?! So I came up with a list of things that I thought shouldn’t be in style in 2013. Let
s hope people listen to me.

1) Leather pants.
kanye-tokyo-5It was cool in the 80’s when comedians and singers like Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson and Rick James did it. But it’s not cool to do now. Surely those great artists is what inspired Kanye West to rock leather pants this year. But let’s hope he and others whom are rocking it don’t carry it over into 2013.

2) Honey Boo Boo
Here_Comes_Honey_Boo_BooI’m sick of this already. The question is, who gives a darn? I just don’t get the point about this show.

3) Gangnam style dance
gangnam-style-dance1While I’m happy about this latest dance phenomenon, it can get quite annoying. The Koreans won’t let it go and either will the Chinese. Of course America loves it, but let’s hope that PSY could create something new to make us forget about his Gangnam style movements.

4) That Sh@$ Cray
sticker,375x360Jay Z and Kanye West had a great 2012 with Watch The Throne. The album is definitely DOPE. And N@##$% In Paris was the album’s anthem. If you didn’t like the song in the beginning, you eventually became a fan of it because Jay and Ye MADE YOU LOVE IT! They even had you saying That Sh@$ Cray. But let’s leave it out of 2013. It could be annoying as Oh SNAPS!

5) Fur Vests
fur vests I’m not a PETA supporter, however I’d stand with them on this issue. This is total trash. Looks like carpet or a floor mat. Get rid of this mess.

6) Glasses w/ no lens
Hot-sale-Wholesale-Fashion-hello-kitty-eyeglasses-cat-eyeglass-hello-kitty-spectacle-fashion-glasses-No-lensThis is big in China. What’s the friggin point? Why wear glasses if there aren’t going to be any lens in them? What’s so cool about this? Another failure.