Rihanna is really Unapologetic w/ this Strip Club banger (audio)


When Rihanna was first introduce to the world, she seemed to be this sweet little innocent young lady. Well, now it has all changed. Or is it that she’s innocently NAUGHTY? Either way. She’s happy and perhaps her fans are too. Especially big booty strippers working that pole.

She sangs ‘Strip clubs and dollar bills/I still got my money/Patron shots, can I get a refill/I still got my money/Strippers going up and dance that pole/Four o’clock and we aint going home/Cause I still got my money’.

Perhaps her Unapologetic album was right to include this single to end 2012, as the club would be going wild to this record.

Check out Pour It Up from her Unapologetic album.