Andre 3000 says ‘I don’t like rapping fast’ (audio)

Yes Andre 3000 said that. Did you hear ‘Sorry’ from the upcoming Trouble Man album by T.I.? It’s a must here and if you ask me, one of the best 3 Stacks features of 2012. He got down on all of them, outshining all the artists who he collaborated alongside of. And check out what T.I. had to say about working with Stacks.

“He s–t on me on my own record”.

Funny Tip said that because in all honestly, his (T.I.) verse is doper than other Stacks collaborations in 2012. Stacks didn’t have time to do a video with Rick Ross for their Sixteen collaboration. However, it would be great if he and T.I. end the year with one. It’s needed as it is befitting for Atlanta. Go Falcons!