Will Sesame Street get rid of Elmo since Kevin Clash has resigned at the result of a second accuser coming forward? (video)

Who cares about Kevin Clash aka the voice of Elmo (Sesame Street) is gay? Well the kids do and parents are definitely going to have a hard time explaining the sex scandal and that Mr. Clash has resigned after nearly three decades of being the voice of Elmo. What will happen to the rates PBS and Sesame Street due to his departure after a second accuser has come forth, claiming he, in 1993 being fifteen years old at the time, meet the puppeteer on a gay phone chatline? Damage has indeed been done. Perhaps excluding the character Elmo from the famous children show will help keep a clean image at PBS. Maybe we’ll be saying R.I.P. to Sesame Street soon, because what is Sesame Street without Elmo.