My 411 on Politics article #2: Woman Allegedly Ran over Husband because Obama won, saying it’s because HE DIDN’T VOTE!

Guys if you know your woman is crazy be careful about what you tell her, or not. Ask the man who didn’t vote in the previous election between re-elected United States of America’s president, Barack Obama and Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. Daniel Solomon of Phoenix Arizona didn’t vote for Obama nor Romney and was left in serious condition after his wife ran him down with the family’s car, proclaiming that Obama won all because Daniel refused to vote.

PAUSE! Now I can understand why she would be upset about President Obama’s victory; however, to blame her husband for that is quite absurd. There were thousands of people across the country that didn’t exercise their voting rights. That’s too much blame to put on one person. What was the real issue she ran down her husband? If the president’s re-election was really the case then lady has serious issues. Yet if it were other issues leading up to the incident, then she should have talked it through with her husband and perhaps a counselor in between instead of going H.A.M. like that.

Politics these days has made a lot of people gone mad. There has never been so much rage in the history of American politics before. Now all of a sudden, people are going, as they say in the NY, ‘bananas son’. Word to the wise; before doing something STUPID because certain things aren’t going your way; how about taking positive measures towards working on changing that. I know a part of the heading says she “allegedly” ran over her husband because he didn’t vote. Yet more than likely, it’s true. Take notice of her mug shot. Mr. Solomon stated that his wife believed their family would face hardship if re-elected. But didn’t the economic worsen while former Republican president George W. Bush was in office during the latter years of his re-election? Hmmmmm.