Obama Wins (South Park episode)…hilarious*****

What you must love about comedy is that it brings people together. Even two people whom have racial issues with one another could sit and laugh about the same things. Though views might be different, the FACT of matters are quite entertaining. That’s what’s brilliant about South Park as it takes the realities of life and poke fun at it. The latest episode was Obama’s re-election. The reality is, not every American citizen is happy about that, and for different reasons of course. Many are questioning the CHANGE Obama has supposedly brought to USA since former president George W. Bush’s eight years in office, except for the face of presidency, i.e. being the FIRST black president of America. Other issues regards the presidents “friendliness”, lacking firmness with China. And Comedy Central’s South Park addresses that. However regardless one’s views about the current state of America with Barack Obama in office, sometimes you just got to sit back, eat some snacks and LM@O about it. Because guess what? Like him or not, he’s NOT GOING ANYONE for FOUR MORE YEARS!

Click the link and check out South Park Season 16 episode 14 entitled, Obama Wins.