My 411 on politics article #1: President Barack Obama Re-elected. What does it mean for black people?

November, 2008 when then Senator Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America in his win against Senate John McCain, had to be one of the proudest moments of modern black and American history. The face of America changed right before our very eyes and many were proud of being alive to witness something so momentous. Fast forward to four years later, the joy is much louder as President Barack Obama has been re-elected and will seat four more years in office in his presidency due to his victory over Republican candidate Mitt Romney. A joyous moment for many but dissatisfying for some, and a chance to ridicule, point fingers and make slay comments for others, not absent of Donald Trump.

When President Barack Obama won his first presidential run-off, there were comments such as “black people no longer have an excuse” and “Barack Obama is the black people’s reparation for slavery”. On one hand, President Obama’s win does indeed mean much for black people concerning American history in government. But does his re-election count for all this black? Not in my book. Though exceedingly proud, his win doesn’t change the hate in people’s heart concerning black people in general. Even the hate that “closet racists” have spill out, and will do so for the next four years. I don’t see society being less messed up for blacks than before anyone ever knew who a BARACK OBAMA was. The police will still hate us. We’ll still be seen as ‘N—gers’, even though our ancestors built the great country America with their own blood, sweat and tears. Job opportunities will still be at minimum for us, even if qualified. Sorry if I seem like a pessimist; yet I’m just stating the facts. If looking at what his re-election mean today, than I’d say, it means he and his family can enjoy the wealth of their ancestor’s labor. And though many of our black ancestors never stepped foot on nor off a slave ship, we share in the burden for the pain the was caused as well as the joy of what strength allows us to conquer.

Congratulations to President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Bidden and the Obama/Bidden family.