Did Cee-Lo Green bring out his ‘Closet Freak’? Accused of sexual assault!

No No, this can’t be true. Cee-Lo Green? ATL.’s own. My hometown O.G. of the Goodie Mob? Well, here’s the story. An incident occurred in Los Angeles, California perhaps at a downtown LA restaurant to which Cee-Lo, real name Thomas DeCarlo Calloway was accused of sexual assault. But despite the accusation, Green has confessed his innocence.

Cee Lo tells TMZ he categorically denies ANY wrongdoing. In fact, the singer says he hasn’t been to the restaurant in question in 3 months … and insists, “Nothing ever happened there or anywhere else.” We also spoke with a source who is constantly with Cee Lo … who tells us, “I have never seen Cee Lo act in a physical way toward anybody.” The investigation is in its infancy … no charges have been filed and the case has not been referred to prosecutors. (TMZ)

Shouts out to Cee-Lo Green. MartaCard Report and the ATL stand behind you man.