Did Game go too far w/ controversial Jesus Piece album cover?

Many entertainers push the limits when promoting their new album. And in many instances, it works. Many also receive a great amount of ridicule from either the public, organizations, whether religious, community or political. Speaking of religious organization, how about rapper Game’s cover art for his upcoming Jesus Piece album. It’s his final contractual album with Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope Records. And perhaps, he wants to go out with a BANG! Consequently, having Jesus adored like a ‘religious gangbanger’ may not sit well with Christian groups as there has been much ridicule about this matter. But who knows. There’s may be a subliminal message Game wants to get out, such as Jesus’ love for all men; be it gang members, pimps, prostitutes, etc. On the other hand, would any artist be so bold to make the Islamic prophet Muhammad seem so sacrilegious? Name one artist/musician to have done it already.