A couple in India doesn’t feel safe so they call the Love Commandos for help!

One would think that after age 18, or in many cases, 21, children would be about to make their own decisions and set out their own path. Maybe that’s true of most families in the United States of America, yet India’s a difficult culture, with a different set of principals, particularly in the area of marriage to which most marriages in the country are arranged. Most marriages that aren’t arranged are frown upon and could lead to serious issues such as family separation or DEATH even. The latter is something the couple (Rajveer and Madhuri) in the video fears, both coming from a Muslim and Hindu society. Though happy to be together, having married, they’re on the run for their lives, fearing being killed by the family, as the thought of one finding love on their own isn’t something yet grasps in their family and in much of the country. So they called the Love Commandos; a group of aging businessmen and journalists who began a movement to protect lovers from harassment by both Hindu and Muslim hard-liners, according to the BBC (Huffington Post).

The Love Commandos formed 10 years ago, and since then have opened up secret shelters to help rescue Indian couples, like Rajveer and Madhuri, who are in love but are in danger of being forced to marry someone else by their families. The couple escaped their village and made way to the Love Commandos’ shelter in New Delhi and married there.