Slaughterhouse Feels No Competition With YMCMB, MMG

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By Zach Carugno

Slaughterhouse made an appearance on last Wednesday’s episode of “RapFix Live” to promote their new album, Welcome to: Our House  and during the show fans chimed in and tweeted questions for the group. One fan questioned whether or not Slaughterhouse felt like they were respected enough by the casual fan, compared to other crews like YMCMB and MMG. This struck a nerve with Royce as well as Crooked I and Joell.

“Ain’t no lack of respect over here, you know we do what we do, we the best rappers out here,
Royce replied sternly. “We not walking around feeling self conscious, we good, we rap that’s what we do, everyone in this game got a role, our role is to rap and that’s what we doing.”

After answering the question, Royce jokingly added that he was going to follow the fan on Twitter to mess with them because the question unnerved him so much. Although Royce explained they do have respect for other rappers in the game, he said it wasn’t something they focused on too much.

“Ain’t no disrespect to them because we give nothing but respect to people,” he said. Slaughterhouse emphasized that they have never been concerned with making a mainstream or pop radio album like some of their competitors. Their main focus has always been on delivering an excellent lyrical product to fans.