Nicki Minaj And B.o.B. Go Mental In ‘Out Of My Mind’ Video

Nicki Minaj rarely has any competition when it comes to crazy–have you been introduced to the multiple personalities in her head?–but in B.o.B.’s new video for “Out of My Mind,” both rappers have completely lost it.

The clip finds them in a mental institution, and while B.o.B. is clearly a patient, Nicki Minaj swoops in to help…then all hell breaks loose. When MTV News caught up with B.o.B. around the time the track debuted, he was still gushing about working with Minaj. “I feel like Nicki definitely recognizes my musical talent or else she wouldn’t have referred to me as a heartthrob,” he said, laughing. “She definitely went ham. When I heard it, I was grinning from ear to ear. I was glad she brought it.”

Whatever fun they had working on the track, that must’ve been double when they filmed this clip, which gave Minaj free reign to run wild. In the words of her good friend 2 Chainz: “She’s like six people.”

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